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The FN 4RM was developed by Belgian arms manufacturer FN Herstal after the Belgian Gendarmerie sent out requirements for a fast armored vehicle to deal with civil unrest in the early 1960s.

Now, a law enforcement vehicle in War Thunder?
Indeed, this little car didn’t shoot rubber bullets or tear gas, nor does it use some puny grenade launcher, no, we’re talking about a 60 mm mortar firing HEAT rounds!

If an anti-tank mortar can’t deal with some protesters, then I don’t know what will!

The armor is unknown to me, i have seen some sources say 13 mm frontally, but seeing how the FN-4RM is more than 3 tons heavier than the AML-90 and its 10 mm of armor, i doubt 3 extra millimeters is enough to make it weigh this much more!

Mobility is very good, with a top speed of 110 km/h and a decent power-to-weight ratio, you won’t have any issues running circles around the enemy.

The FN 4RM was based on the FN 4RM/62 Ardennes truck and 62 of them were built between 1971 and 1972. This mortar version had twin coaxial machine guns, but no pintle-mounted machine gun like on the 90 mm version.

Smoke grenade launchers were also fitted to the turret to make sure that protesters are really really incapable of striking back after getting shot at with HEAT rounds and twin machine guns.

They went on to serve with the Gendarmerie until the 1990s when they were retired, but some are still in storage in running order.

Specifications - FN 4RM


  • FN Brandt CM60A1 60 mm gun-mortar (Ammo: 46)
    • 60mmCC HEAT-FS: 200 mm at 0°, 254 m/s
    • Reloading rate: ~5 s
    • Vertical guidance: -10 / 75°
  • FN MAG 7.62 mm light machine gun x2 (Ammo: 4830)
    • Vertical guidance: -10 / 75° (machine guns could elevate independently of the main gun)
  • Smoke launchers (2 x 6) (Ammo: 36)


Slightly more than an AML-90


FN 652 6-cylinder engine (130 hp)
Max. speed: 110 km/h
4-speed transmission
Power to weight ratio: 14.77 hp per ton


3 (Driver, Commander, Gunner)


Mass: 8.8 t
Length: 4.5 m
Width: 2.26 m
Height: 2.37 m

So this here is a special one!

The mortar fired HEAT rounds at an acceptable muzzle velocity of 254 m/s (Brummbär has 240 m/s) with good penetration, making it perfectly usable.

Moreover, the smaller, more close-quarters maps of lower BRs will allow you to take full advantage of your mobility to get close and personal with your enemies, hopefully completely negating the drawback of that slow muzzle velocity!

It certainly looks like an event or premium vehicle, and it could be added to the Benelux tree since it is a Belgian vehicle, or to the French tree.



F. von Senger und Etterlin, “Taschenbuch der Panzer”
Jane’s Armoured Fighting Vehicle Retrofit Systems 1993-94
4RM 62F Armoured Car (1962)


Would be fun at low-tier as a silly meme vehicle. +1

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