Flying Tu-2s-59

I just started playing Tu-2s-59 in RBs. How do I figure out how many bombs does it take to destroy a base? When I flew Tu-2s it took 2, sometimes 3 ( different amount?)

I just dropped 3x1000 on a base and it wasn’t enough. There is no time to do a second run. What is the point in playing Bomber in RB then ?

How can I see what kind of BR Battle I am in?


Depends on the explosive filler, the general rule for props is 500-750kg of TNT equivelent to destroy a base, generally 3 1000lb bombs or 3 500kg bombs, it can sometimes also depend where they land, if they land on the very edge they will do far less damage than in the middle

99% they land in the middle of the base or on the territory of it and do not destroy it.

Then im not entirely sure, what BR is the Tu2 again?

Im used to british bombs so im also not entirely sure of the filler used, you might be using AP bombs by mistake?

5.7 BR, russian tier 4 bomber.

Yeah in my experience a watching aircraft that br 2000kg bombs from 288cs do the trick normaly, do t know thier explosive filler of the top of my head but i think its something like 600kg, the only thing i can suggest is that you double check the filler of your bombs to make sure they arent AP bombs

It depends on various factors. Without going into details (use forum search) - there is an increase of base health from BR 4.7 to 5.0.

Besides the the Tu-2s suffer from a bomb nerf (search old forum) there is no point in playing base bomber on maps with respawning bases. Tu-2 is good enough to play support fighter. Otherwise bombing was reduced to a grinding tool and the purpose of bombers was reduced to play victims for fighters.

Just indirectly by identifying the lowest BR within your team, add + 1.0…