Flares for aircraft above 10.0/aircraft that can see 30G overload missiles



I feel as though this isn’t talked about enough, but I feel as though aircraft that have possibilities of seeing 30G overload missiles (aircraft 9.0 BR and above) should have the ability to load flares. Now, there’s gonna be A-10 or Su-25 players who will object to this because they’d lose the possibility of getting easy kills; but it’s just plain unfair. And yes, I know you can load rockets as a substitute, but they heavily weigh down an aircraft, making engagements unwise unless you got rid of the rockets.

Sure, it would be unrealistic to have a Cold War fighter have access to flares, but it’s also unrealistic to have Cold War Era fighters fight against aircraft from the 80s, like the Frogfoot or Warthog. The lack of high tier aircraft with no flares is particularly atrocious with Italy, France, and Sweden, as they all have aircraft in the 10.0-10.3 BR bracket with access to no flares whatsoever. Why should I grind through the entire Sweden tree to get to Tier VII at last! And get shot down continuously by people who spent $60 or $70 on a plane and have access to 18G to 30G all aspect missiles like R60s and 9Ls? I understand there is game sense required, but if your only “counter” to fighting an aircraft is to runaway, then maybe barriers or counterstrategies are required for those aircraft.

It’s doubly irritating knowing that the Saab J35XS, a premium aircraft which is better than the J35D in almost every way, is only 0.4 BR and has access to countermeasures - albeit only 12. But 12 countermeasures are 6 more chances to flare off an otherwise unavoidable missile. It has access to 6 RB24Js (2 more than the J35D), an IRST radar, and faces virtually the same aircraft. Why not give the J35D 12 countermeasures too? Or would that ‘BrEaK HisTorIcAl CoNTInUiTY’?

It’s just irritating to fight against aircraft that have all aspect missiles that are unavoidable unless you are starting out with a massive speed and distance advantage, but that’s rarely ever the case.

List of aircraft (with no flares) that can face 30G all aspect missiles.
America: F-104A/C, F-86F-2, F-100D, F-4C, F3H-2, F4D-1, F11F-1
Germany: CL-13A Mk5/6, F-86K, MiG-19S, MiG-23BN
Russia: Yak-38, MiG-19PT, MiG-21F-13, Su-7/BKL, MiG-21PFM, MiG-21S, Su-17
GB: Hunter F.1/6, Lightning F.53/6, Jaguar GR. 1
Japan: F-86F-40, F-104J, T-2/Early, F-1
Taiwan: F-100A, F-104A, J-6A, J-7bis, Q-5 early, Q-5L
Italy: F-86K, Sagittario 2, G.91 Y/YS, Ariete
France: Super Mystere B2, Mirage IIIC, F86K, F-8E(FN), F-100D, Etendard IVM
Sweden: J-29F, J-32B, J-35A, J-35D, A-32A, J-35
IsraeL: Sambad, Sa’ar, Shahak, Ayit, Nesher

Those are all aircraft that can go against A-10As (10.0), A-10A lates (10.3 with FOUR AIM9Ls) or Su-25/Ks (10.0).

Also, that list of aircraft that I listed was only the ones I could remember in the base tree, if there were any removed or flash-sale premium aircraft that I missed, please feel free to comment them below.

This is absurd.

Yea… I believe the Q-5L especially is taking a nasty beating, it gets no CMs because the devs straight refuse to give it any and it has no stock ordnance FOR AN ATTACKER.
So yea, damn the BR compression I guess

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You would have to prove those planes can equip CM’s.

Dude said that he doesnt care if they had them irl or not.

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