Flare Problem

I wonder how it is possible that if you shoot an R13M1 or an R60MK, from less than 1km, you just need to shoot 1 flare, to evade the missile. it seems as if they have no flare resistance. and I can understand from greater distances, but from less than 1km and with the afterburner active the missile must go on target.

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that is true, the R-60 especially was made in mind to be extremely manouverable (being 1 of the best ones in the game at the moment) but due to that only kept in mind it literally LOVES flares and will go for them, the R-13M1 is more resistant to flares than the R-60, so if you we’re to shoot it close there is a higher chance for it to hit the target.
But thats how most of the USSR close range missiles are. If you compare the head-seeker FOV (the thing that IR locks on the enemy) of USA missile and a USSR missile: you can see that USA’s is waay smaller, making it more resistant to flares than the USSR, While USSR has a very big FOV.
I hope that kinda clears things up for you.

yes I knew this, but it is ridiculously excessive and extreme, that one do is enough to evade both types of missile, with the afterburner active. I find this completely disadvantageous for the Russians who practically don’t have missiles because they are so useless

It’s not just those missile. 9Ls are 1 flare evades as well. How the game handles IR seekers/Flares is completely wrong and needs a total overhaul.

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yes I have seen that even the 9L aim if you shoot a little flare you can escape, but they are certainly more resistant than the Russians. however I agree with you that they need to review the system because firing a missile should involve a big effort to evade it from short range, so it’s too easy

I mean have you seen the R-27T, i just recently unlocked it. And almost no one is capable of flaring it at all, after launch the FOV shrinks so small. that if the missile is fired closer than 3 km: you can’t flare it even if you we’re to spam Flares. It has the smallest shrink FOV right now of any Missile in the game, so funny enough. You got most Flare addicted missiles such as the R-60, and then you got the almost unflarable R-27.

Maybe, I think are about equal currently, just the 9Ls can be fired from further away and thus players have a little less warning.

Russian planes don’t suffer

next complaint?

instead they suffer like anyone from this problem, denying the problem does not lead to the solution, if you are here to be a denier, I invite you to leave the discussion

Yeah, the r60 has always been a flare addict. I always make the joke that the enemy pilot can just throw a hand warmer out the cockpit and the r60 will go for it.
I think the meta will change in the next couple updates. Before, we had some missiles that would basically ignore flares then they buffed flares to where they are now. Once some new missiles are added, they will most likely revert the flare buff in order to make the new missiles stronger.

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In his defence. At top tier, Soviets have multiple distinct advantages, like BVR missiles that are nearly impossible to evade or notch and IR seekers like the R-27T that ignore flares. With the current state of 9Ls, they are borderline un-usable a lot of the time. Its quite nice that some of these soviet top tier jets have a handicap. Its quite scary to think of them getting R-73s that will ignore flares and have a range greater than 9Ls. Though hopefully we’ll get 9Ms at the same time

No, you directly claimed the russians had issues that others did not. Russians don’t suffer.

and you keep claiming they don’t have a problem when they really do, so leave the conversation because you’re not bringing anything constructive to the discussion

They don’t have an issue. All IR in game currently does not have flare resistance besides the R-27T to some extent which you know, HAPPENS to be russian.

I’m also not going to leave a convo just because you asked kindly.

I won’t answer you further, I think I was clear enough in the previous answers.

I think I was also clear enough that you’re coping massively about a non-problem too.

Only missiles which are flare resistant in WT right now is the R27T and TY90 (Chinese heli missiles). None of the others has any form of ECCM, not even the Python 3s. The R73 will have ECCM though and if we’ll ever get the later versions of the AIM-9L or the 9M, they will have ECCM as well. Missiles with ECCM are still sensitive to pre-flaring, less so when in the air, especially the more modern ones like the TY90 who will just not care much about flares having both IR as well as UV seeking capabilities.

Not too mention the fact that things like the Reheat plume (that should be a lot hotter than a flare) isn’t even modeled correctly. Aim-9Ls dont have IRCCM, but should ignore flares when the target is on reheat in most aspects.

Correct, it’s not, it’s directly correlated to engine thrust… hence planes with low thrust twin engines like F5’s are notoriously difficult to lock onto and they can flare literally every missile with a single flare staying on full burner, while planes with a high thrust need to drop engine sometimes to 80% or below ahead of time and drop a load of flares. I have no idea why they modeled it like this, it could use some refinement.

Not to mention, missiles going after other missiles consistently even when the aircraft firing the missile is on full burner and you fire from rear/side aspect. Same with going after tiny FFAR missiles and the likes.

Yep, I also dont think it helps that the missiles dont track cleanly. They have highly eratic flight paths that waste energy and dont aid in staying on target.

and not always, seen a number of Mig-23/Mig-29s flare an Aim-9L with a single flare. Without having to touch throttle or even take any kind of evasive action