Flaps Blocked At High Speed

I know it’s been mentioned before, but I’d like to bring it up again. Please at least give us combat flaps for the Typhoon. I should not have to get to 140kt (a mere 50kt above stall speed) or lower to be able to use my combat flaps. The typhoon is one of <5 aircraft in game that have this issue. PLEASE Gaijin, give us our flaps back.

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I’m pretty sure it had something to stop its flaps from deploying at too high of speeds IRL. So, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be in game? I may be wrong though about that first part. I’m also pretty sure it’s a new thing that was added to a few props that had them IRL


I have no disbelief that it’s related to something IRL, however I’d like to see some sources and proof that a pilot of a Hawker Typhoon was unable to extend flaps in any amount above 140 knots.

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Actually, probably not a good idea to ask for proof on war thunders forums…

I mean idk about what speed, I was just talking about in general. You can make a bug report here if you can find that it’s wrong :)

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lol, it’s from ww2 I doubt anything is still classified

Someone would misunderstand and show me the entire weapons manual for the Eurofighter.


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Well. War thunder have actually contradicted themselves in this change.
As per the limits on this document from Gaijin, Combat flaps break at 401km/h or 216 knots. This is turning into a bug report.

Don’t believe everything that the WT Wiki says. It is often false

For which Typhoon is this? If any in particular

Ib and Ib/L.


Alright, game files have the same flap rip speeds as the wiki.

So there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to extend combat flaps. I’m looking at a physical copy of the Typhoon Ib Pilots notes and there is nothing that says not to. It simply says “If flaps used during takeoff, retract at 200 or 300 feet.”

Yeah, you should bug report it. Clearly not working as intended.


Depends, that’s the speed they break off at, not the speed they can’t be deployed at.

I don’t think I’ve seen an aircraft that will stop you from deploying flaps at speeds below their rip speed. Either way, a bug report is definitely worth making.

Depends on whether it’s factual. I looked up the typhoon and it has hydraulic flaps so I couldn’t say it’d be hard to crank the wheel at that speed.

Bug report made.