Flanders is the worst map ever

South side can’t get into C point under cover while north side has an easier time.

So if both sides lemming-rush C, north side wins. This is part of why Flanders is unbalanced in favor of the north side. You also get a more commanding view if you flank A cap from the north than if you do so from the south.

The middle is the key from both sides. And I have seen enough matches where north failed so hard. It’s not like that the lemmings are most times the smartest.

I completely ignores C side. As for A side i dont think it matter what side your own both can lead to B


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I no longer use the A spawn and usually go straight to B in order to get to A from there or to the flank of the opponent’s C spawn.
You’re too often alone at the A spawn and if you’re unlucky, three Tigers can sometimes roll along there. Have fun as a light tank …

I shall give that a try. Just now i CAP’d A then destroyed BMP, then took on 2 IS-3’s and won that fight znd all they could do was shake there turrets in disgust lol, then an assist on BTR. All in mu swedish T54

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Is just the typical map designed by someone in Gaijin or never played the game or his best experience in GF is rank1 arcade.

Is simple and very old issue, Gaijin need hire competent people for map design and not the actual diorama builders.

Do you relise you can overlay google maps over the top as they are actually real places. Mother nature wont be liking you

I think only Berlin adn Stalingrad map are “accurate” to real life places, all the others are fanatsy or vaguely inspired, remember Ash River is Ireland…

flanders is THE best map gaijin put out in a while. there are both long sightlines for sniping and corridors where you can move in safety from snipers. theres clear sense where the lines are.

spawns being unprotected in terms of actual cover sucks but thats issue with like 99% of maps in this game.

I would take flanders over maps like italy or sw*den any single day.


Yeah seriously, I dont know why everyone goes there either, its literally the worst flank on the map to fight on, and offers you the least amount of map control by holding it.

You win the mao by holding B and the middle ridge, from either side. It allows you to directly counter anyone fighting over C (and by counter I mean just farm free side shot kills) and also pressure A.

A cap can also get side shots and map control as well from the ridges to mutually support anyone holding B, you cannot do that from the C cap.

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You all know why…