Flanders is the worst map ever

Flanders is literally the worst map that I have ever played in War Thunder. It’s so bad in fact that it has motivated me to make a forum about how mind bogglingly stupid it is. The map is too small, therefore, once you get to the dirt oval, it’s just a mass extinction event. Eventually the friendly team loses and we go back to the garage. I’ve honestly never had a good game with the map since its addition in “Kings Of Battle”. Honestly I hope they remove this map from War Thunder.


I like the 3 cap version of it. It does not seem to work great for single cap game modes.

tell me you are a Very low level/new without telling me you are a very low level/new


Apart from the airship which is a blemish and the size of the map, it is quite nice and very pretty. It is teeming with details and colors.

I had some really nice games on it.

But hey here, we lose a game and we come to stupidly spit venom.

It’s okay to say you don’t like something, but it’s better to offer solutions rather than “I hope they remove it.” Yes don’t worry, if Cutlass34581 asks so nicely then they will do it. lol


I had it two times in a row with while playing 4.0 Soviets with the KV-1E and for me it’s like the best map in the entire game.

It has lots of open ground with hills and buildings in between, giving all vehicles an option to work here.

Every map where you don’t have to fight at 100m in a city like enviroment is a big plus for me.

Of course maps completely destroy the balance in the game since depending on the enviroment, vehicles will have vastly different performance.

In my opinion every map should be like Flanders for RB and only AB should have these 1.5x1.5km maps where you end up in the enemy spawn after driving for 1 min or where you fight without cover and just circle around buildings.


Yes, agreed. It literally is good in every scenario (minus Super long range, open sniping)

but it has plenty of hills for cover, in basically all areas. And its good for vehicles with good, medium and bad depression (bad depression tanks have to go to the middle or get a bit creative, since most areas have inclines/cover, but imo that is fine)

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I’ve played this map a lot since the update and whilst it’s not THE worst, it’s still pretty awful. The north side seems to dominate every game, due to the trenches on the south side and the stupid mound with the railway tracks on.

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Flanders is fine the issue is the high tier version still contains the trenches making maneuverability ass

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Its fine to be honest, not my favourite but definitely not the worst. It beats out on every single “boring city but this time in XYZ place!” Map in the game by a longshot. We need more open maps and less city maps.

The only issue for me is that some parts of the map are fundamentally useless such as the ruined city to the right spawn.
Its a map that made a random chunk of land, and slapped some buildings here and there.

As far as map design is concerned, Flanders is a rare W.

My only complaint would be that the spawn zones are still too exposed, but that goes for nearly all maps.

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Sweden says hi

Flanders isn’t even close to being the worst

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I never play Flanders. I quit game when it occurs. I get annoyed easily on open maps. This map has no fun to me.

This and Test Site are two really good additions because they enable all types of playstyle one way or another. Flanking, sniping, brawling. I wasn’t a huge fan of either at first but I’ve played enough fun and diverse matches on them to change my mind. They don’t skew too hard towards one type of vehicle or another.

Rather than butcher old maps, they should try and make them more like these two, if they really have an issue with them.

You are the problem with the player base. Tanks are meant for open. Not urban

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What I see …


What the other 90% see …


That is the reason why flanders ends most times bad. The team who uses the whole map wins.


Dont tell me you allways go for C, part of the lemming train

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I thought this map was supposed to change with BR, yet I only ever see the blimp and WW2 train.

I saw the plane at BR 9.3. But the rest looks the same. It’s relatively stupid anyway because the old lorries are still there and everything looks like WWII.