Flak341 needs a raise in battle rating - it kills everything flying

Each time I see a flak341 player they kills a lot with no brain. The vehicle can be only killed by bombs and usually in a 1v1 scene, the best result for pilots is bombing flak341 and also be killed at the same time, this is a ~600 and 70 spawn point trade. What makes it even more ridiculous is around a half of flak341 players use backup vehicle to spawn again and costing even more to kill.
Flak341 has the same gun as ostwind2 which never overheats and be devestating for propellers. By comparison Kugelblitz has a similar performance gun but needs to reload, also its protection is far less than flak341, with some advantage dealing light-armored ground targets, which is positioned in 7.0.
I suppose Flak341 should at least go to 6.7 RB.



I’m sorry?


How about you avoid it? Don’t fly close to it/fly directly to it or drop down 90°s to counter their limited elevation. You could simply land at the airfield and get a new bomb.
Despite that you really are complaining that you can’t kill a anti air or do you want to kill tanks without disadvantages?


If you ignore anti airs and dive straight to other enemies then youll be killed more easily, according to my experience. i got these stats during summer event - by playing US 6.3-7.0 - which proves what i said make sense.

Actually its such a vehicle, killing every plane. Ostwind can do the same, but also easily killed by enemy hvars and guns, which never happens to flak341.

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Okay. No. Just no. Flak341 and all non Radar AA should probably get BR reductions. If you got killed by a non radar SPAA then accept that they out skillee you or you made a mistake flying. You dont just get to fly with impunity. All AAs will delete you if you let them.

And its good that you cant just long rang machine gun them. You shoulsnt just get to smack them around.


Most radar spaa should as well…and most SAMs

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no xd

Yeah, I’ve seen your 30% winrate and 0.5 KD flak341, It looks like you’re the one who met skill issues

Remember these AAs costs only 70 spawn points when Aircrafts costs 7 or 8 times of it, if AAs can shot down planes so easily then its an imbalance. And I hope you’re already be cleared about the fact that in warthunder it exists 2 kind of nations, offensive with loaded planes like US and French, or defensive with high-performance AAs like Germany and USSR, so the balance between AAs and Aircraft is actually a balance between nations

Nothing special about the 341, it’s just a vehicle the Snail removed from the game so those who use it are veteran players.

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Good, I hate close air support. Imagine being in a vehicle with no aiti air machineguns, getting bombed and you cant do anything about it. I wish it is in tech tree so I can get it and get rid of ALL planes in the sky.


While I do agree that the Flakpanzer 341 is overpowered, I strongly disagree with the idea that SPAA shouldn’t have a good time dealing with CAS. It’s the entire point of their existence.
Nevermind how easy it is to play CAS compared to SPAA! It’s the case of pressing space bar versus having to actively lead and avoid giving the enemy air an opportunity to evade you, which after a single missed burst becomes substantially harder.
CAS is already advantaged when compared to SPAA, so this idea that shooting down a flying win button should be hard is very very strange.


Honestly if you think killing planes with SPAA is “no brain” maybe try it.
Now bombing tanks with planes is actually “no brain”
You can always go up a couple of BR’s the radar SPAA and missile SPAA has been completely nerfed into the ground for “realism” to accommodate CAS.


How about you stop crying and spawn a tank to kill him?

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Pssst… they don’t like it when you flip the script on them.

  1. No.
  2. Flak341 is used by veterans who tend to have more skill.
  3. Kugelblitz should drop to 6.0.
  4. Skink should rise to 6.0.
    Why is skink 5.0 while kugelblitz, essencially the same vehicle, at 7.0?
    I tell you why. Because Germany gets put against CAS heavy enemies and Germany players therefore tend to have more experience with SPAA.

Are you drunk the 20mm are no where near as powerful or maintain velocity over range as the Kugels 30mm.

Not sure why the Kugels armour is worse than flak341? sure the hull is a Panther but the turret is very weak iirc


Kugelblitz has both weaker turret and hull armor, with the turret being able to be penned by 12.7mm rounds, whereas the Coelian can bounce some proper tank cannons even.

The main advantage of the Kugelblitz lies in its ability to destroy tanks though, where the Coelian has way more trouble.