Fixing the matchmaking in War Thunder battle

Its kinda wierd that I sometimes have the proplem that america fights vs amerika same for ussr and sometimes germany that doesn’t make sense. My biggest proplem with that is that the really strong planes are only in thies nations so if i see no f4s in my team cuz the enemy has my team also have amerika thats not nice. If everybody is playing thies nation be ready wait a bit longer. Also I thought war thunder wnats to be realistic so where it?
There are to options in my opinion nerv the over powerd F4s phantoms II (they are the main proplem in my opinion) and any other plane which is op like the f15 it should be on 12.7 and for russia pls also nerv the mig 23’s all versions and the premium too. At all they jus destroy the game play if you have 15 of them in both teams. I know you want and need money but there is also an other option.