Fixing CAS in RB Ground

I would love to spread my words and ideas for “fixing” Ground RB regarding the Airspawns/Airplanes.

I found it very interesting, that choosing a different Loadout of Bombs, Rockets or only Cannons increases your Spawnpointuseage. But if you dropped all your ordnance you can reammo for free on your Airfield. So i would recommend, that you need to PAY the same amount of SP for reammo that you paid for spawning with it.

Also i would implement a System like Ground AB, where only 3 Planes can be in the air at once. So not your whole team is airborn. And maybe give the player specific vehicle slots, so he can pick 3 planes for Ground battles to choose a bomber, a Ground Attacker and an Attacker for the specific usecases in Battle.

Hope my ideas are clear but i am open for improvements on that and your thoughts.

Yipee a new CAS thread.
As if there arent already 10-15 of them

It’s not even the first one today

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At least this one is actually on the topic of fixing the issues rather than just ranting about it and demanding it gets removed entirely


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they are a bit excessive

If they would add a mode for just tanks, I predict there would be fewer of us wanting to type about this. (At least the pure tankers could enjoy the game, if they added a mode just like GFRB, but with the old spawn point system and no aircraft.)


yeah. maybe they should actually DO something about it.

I agree, this should be a thing that happens. All aircraft should be forced to pay additional SP to re-arm.

Classic WT forum, ignoring a genuinely good idea just because they’re tired of CAS rant/rage posts.

Then make a Suggestion when a “good idea” springs ups.

Or as usual the whole “anti-plane” group (yes, over generalised, the reality is more nuanced) suddenly disappears at the mention of actually asking Gaijin.

DO something about it! There are a shed load of players to support good ideas to bring better “balance” to the systems in GFRB.

It is not being ignored, people are engaging, however no one thinks to ask the people who actually make the sodding game… and wonder why people get annoyed.

The TO thread has now been lost to time (different topic but sometimes linked) due to all the opening of new threads. And no it does not “show people have an issue”, it comes across as partially ignorant (partially because the forum can be a pita to look for specific things).

Good to see Silkmonger is back playing!

(Edit: Can’t even find/work out what the TO thread is now, removed/locked or just can’t remember what silly name it was given)

I say add MORE Su 25 type planes, I mean we only have access to 6, yes only 6 Su 25’s I think we should have 10 more variant types added immediately! I didn’t play this game to NOT utilize the Russian BIAS! Thanks GAijin for being the best developer around keep it up!!!