I Do you have a major problem with your American tech tree you have a 10.3 Abrams that you can purchase with a horrible penetrating round the entire American tech tree is off balanced, I’m not gonna get into the fact of vehicles, lack in protection truly it’s classified and you don’t need to know it You have the Apache that can only use one default type of round doesn’t make sense. You give multiple aircraft with bullpup missiles with no targeting pod. And then most American vehicles you up tier knowing they cannot survive in that battle tearing Americans on this game or target practice so my call is to all American Americans stop being their target practice. They’re just mad because they are target practice in real life. Fix your game or face a class action suit that will have you lose the rights to your design

No caps and not even swear words or insulting misspellings.
I give this rant a weak .5.


America is one of the best nations ingame.

The air tree is the best, and the ground tree is pretty good.


I think we need to get into the classified…

We need to know.

And he’s not wrong about the pullpup thing, wtf is up with that? Or why do so may cold war era multirole aircraft lack the ability to precision bomb (HUD symbology)

This makes me laugh.

I wanna see the class action lawsuit against a free to play game…

Plantiff: “This isn’t what we paid for!”

Gaijin: “Well you didn’t pay, so.”


Except many people do pay, a lot. Your average whale has probably spent thousands on this “free” game.
Then take for example the players who see the ads for the modern go-fast planes and tanks, and pay for that “package”, and then realize that the game is basically unplayable at that level for a newb and that they are stuck with biplanes and pre-war tanks.

Gaijin’s marketing and biz/game structure is right there at deceptive. I would not be surprised that they get sued all the time.

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Yea, I don’t see them getting sued for that. Not being successful with a vehicle that you bought in a game because you aren’t good at the game isn’t grounds for sueing a company.

For discussion’s sake, map knowledge aside, top tier ground and aircraft are easier to get kills with than early to mid range vehicles. Thermals, LRF, and high velocity kinetic rounds make top tier much easier to just pick up compared to say 7.7 and below where penetration performance and weakspot targeting can make a hige difference on your performance. Not saying you don’t need knowledge of weakspots at top tier, but common weakspots usually work out fine. Jets are even easier with SARH, and high performance IR missiles being present on the better fighter class premium jets. Much easier than energy fighting, relying on guns only, and being unable to gain energy quickly after losing it like the prop era planes.

Simple dude Ik what I’m doing with my tank if it takes me 4 shots to kill anther tank when I’m hitting in the kill zone, vs me getting one tap 80 of the time through the most armor part of my tank then go to the air in my helo to only have one round type not even armor piercing, the Russian family of helicopters all have multi ammo types, I have spent money on vehicles that don’t not work how they where shown it’s not skill issues. The game is base off of how vehicles operate in real life, none of the US tech tree is right I want my money back

Not to only mention that they top tier is completely off. You have American tanks with weak armor annd guns facing tanks not the same compatible rings as them and it makes no sense. Mk u pay 69 for a tank with around that pins 300mm when u should have gave it the m900

Even battlefield when it designed its vehicles and concept of its game it didn’t put US bias behind it

Sees vehicle with 300mm of pen, buys it anyway, then complains that it had 300mm of pen.

You can preview them before buying.

What’s your lineup?