Fix the F4 BR

It should not be up against F-15s Su-27s Mig-29s F-14s. Put it at like 10.3.

no which variant even theres like 15 now


i feel all f4’s should go down to 10.3

Are you crazy?


or they raise the planes that are meant to be high up. put their BR higher.

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also early should be the same and higer maybe 10.7


That’s a better idea.

You’re new to the game so let me explain why not. F-4 variants are different. Some have IR missiles only. Some dont have pulse doppler. Some PD phantoms have HMD and some don’t. So they can’t all be the same BR.

Second, PD phantoms like F-4S / F-4J UK get the ability to fire radar missiles down low, which are very powerful down at 11.3 BR since they can’t be chaffed away in the headon. Only 1 11.0 has PD missiles, and there’s no 10.7s and 10.3s with them. Most radar missiles at that BR can be one-chaffed, so giving PD missiles to that BR bracket would ruin every plane that doesn’t get them.

Some 10.3s don’t even have countermeasures.

It would be better that the top BR be moved to 13.0 and the F-4S stay 11.3 or 11.7, than that any of the phantoms go down in BR.


I agree. Moving PD phantoms to 10.X isnt a good idea. Gajin should increase the BR ceiling and fix AIM-7F/M


yeah i agree with you at first didnt think about the move up higher

Then you shouldn’t really go around having opinions.

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