Fix map "rotation" already

How hard is it to make the game/servers simply cycle through the maps?

Vietnam 8 times in a row, like, seriously? With 2 Rocky Canyons before, then 2 more Vietnam before that ffs


Completely agree. The selection of favorite or avoid maps is simply inoperative.

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There is no function behind like or dislike - it is just a feedback to gaijin which maps are liked or disliked. The only thing that works is a ban…

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Map filter not working is not something new. What gets me frustrated is the same as OP showed. Repetative maps regardless do I like the map them or not. There should be some alogorith which prevents you from getting 3 times the same map in a row.


I also want to add, I’m pretty sure it was the same side of the map each time as well, very engaging and dynamic gameplay 10/10

Ironicly there are over 40 maps for air rb, of which some are divided by different modes (Domination, Conquest, Operation, Air Battle etc.) making grand total of 72 maps. Now I know maps are also divided by BR’s, but thats still a bit too much, not even FPS games have that big amount of maps. And when you add maps for Ground, Sim and Naval number goes much higher which might be a reason for longer wait queues in some situations.

Not only this, but a lot of large maps are cut into smaller maps for lower tiers. The fact that in any given session a player sees less than 5 maps is deplorable and embarrassing.