Fix barrel damage

Do tell where the original post stated anything about the gun other than it was 120mm. There are quite a few tanks at top tier with 120mm guns.

I like how the guy whose only experience in top tier being the abrams squadron vehicle with a 0.5K/D is pretending to be the font of knowledge and experience whilst handwaving game mechanics not working correctly.
Maybe you should take some of your own advice and improve.

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I have mixed feelings on protection analysis. It has lied more than a few times in the past I’ve found. You also can never gurantee that a T-80 will actually explode like it “should”

I think the angle is also too level. Looks like OP was firing with a slight downward angle. Firing some of my own test shots, the rounds quite often did little damage in that scenario

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I literally didnt even look at the pictures just assumed it was a T-80UD not that it matters since the UK and UD have the same armour

Prot analysis is hilariously inaccurate maybe play top tier for once and youll understand how wrong it can be

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Prot analysis will almost never show you the truth, still relying on it for anything other than basic knowledge of enemy armour is dumb

That isn’t even the same area, do it at the front drive wheel where I said to in the post.

I made that to show how inaccurate prot analysis is your lack of a basic understanding is astonishing

I’m wondering when the bootlick will understand that the topic of the thread is barrels not taking sufficient damage when struck with high calibre rounds and not whatever hypothetical tangent he is intent on taking it on to avoid addressing the topic.

My guess is never.

Yeah… I think its irrelevant anyway. Taking it right back to the original post though. Sometimes good hits dont result in good damage. And sometimes there is no clear indicator why. I think it might be due to server desync. Would need the replay to see it more clearly.

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yeah, kinetic damage not being modelled, really hurts at this.

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Right now, I’m just trying to prove he took the wrong shot. His actual shot in the game was toward the breach and hit the barrel because of desync. Those two challenged my knowledge because of K/D, and I know that the shot I originally described should have done the trick. I know because I get killed by shots like that all the time in those Russian tanks. Now they are abusing the post flagging system to hide the posts I’ve made when they have insulted me the whole time.

I edited this post because people can abuse the flagging feature.

yes, for the meantime, until it is fixed, it is valid, but that doesn’t change the need for it to be fixed.
Knowing an issue, doesn’t excuse the existance of the issue.

purely from the kinetic impact, the barrel should be at least bent, which makes it not that useable, and maybe even destroy it, when a round is fired.

As a fellow Chally 2 player. I get why he took that shot. L27A1 has this annoying tendency to not 1 shot a target. Quite often it takes 2 rounds. But you have less armour than a covertible land rover. The likelyhood of surviving even 1 hit. is pretty remote for a chally these days, and if you do. it will take out your driver, gun breach, gunner and probably your engine as well. Leaving you exposed for a second shot.

Aiming for breach is my somewhat normal go to, unless I can guarantee a good angle. With that T-80 in that Hull down position. On a quick glance Id not have instinctively fired for that location (probably also doesnt help that I have terrible tank recognition skills, but heck, i know my planes and boats better than my tanks)

So in that moment, I see a T-80, (gotta assume BVM) where a shot there would likely not pen. and instead go for the barrel or breach

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You just non-penned and are now going to die.


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Gaijin thinks their 20 year old engine can handle volumetric calculations on a moving cylinder to the detriment of all players.

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yeah, and they are unwilling to change the gameengine, despite it clearly showing its limits and used over its limits.
Like the immovable hitboxes for variable sweep wings, or the poor traction model for tanks.

The game engine allows very old hardware to play War Thunder. I don’t have anything against the game engine, the issue is the developers not understanding its limits. Barrels should be rendered statically without volumetric applying. Yes this will allow for some cheeky pixel shots on barrels, but I think most players would prefer that to random “yellow” or “orange shots” or even ricochets.

New game engines also alow this. Just look at CS 2…
But additionally it can use the new technology.
Also you don’t need to support 20 year old hardware. Yes, as a f2p game you need low minimum requirements, but with a ULQ mode, you could have Raytracing (since the current game is standard at DX 11, while 12 being only forceable to test things), proper multithreading (which also helps lower hardware).
Also the devs have stated multiple times, that they can’t do x bc of the game engine, like having variable sweep wings actually affect the hitbox. This is not about the devs not understanding the limits, but design descitions.

This isn’t as easy as you think it is. You would bc of that have 2 different ways of calculating damage and penetration etc. So that would increase the load which you are apparentl afraid of doing, since supporting 20 year old hardware is nessesarry apparently.

against the t series i fleel like it is far more reliable to just aim to the breech as they are larger than the western ones