Fix barrel damage

I’m tired of hitting peoples barrels with 120mm sabot and watching it turn yellow.
Feels like you’re being cheated by the game into a forced death.


Stop aiming at barrels then? You may have been able to kill that vehicle by firing at the front drive wheel of the tracks. You could have shot to the side of the barrel and went for their breach. So many different things to be done other than relying on such an iffy decision.

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Oh, because a picture showing nothing and a post complaining about barrel damage leads one to assume that you aimed at the barrel. If the situation was as you have now described, why would you not explain that up front instead of making it seem like a completely different situation? So people can be wrong about the situation so you feel superior because you can point out that it was actually nothing like that?

Anyway, your desync shot didn’t hit the barrel head on so of course the damage wouldn’t be enough to destroy it. You can’t really destroy barrels in game with deflection shots with kenetic rounds. If you could then destroyed barrels would be even common than they currently are, which would be a larger negative for the game. So looking back at your “issue” of the barrel damage it is easily explained by game mechanics working as designed.

Please call me a bootlick more, I enjoy when people throw insults at me because it just means your ignorant and have no counterpoint. You made a bad shot choice, and you suffered because of it. Next time maybe go for the easy shot to the exposed area of the side where the front drive wheel is or fire for the turret ring. Or maybe don’t use desync as an excuse for screwing up a shot.

I had to edit this post because the community can abuse the flagging system.

If it makes you feel any better I’m not going to waste my time reading any of that since you have already made it readily apparent that you are a bootlick that defends the game not functioning properly.

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In fairness. Depending on what tank OP was in. From that angle. Barrel or Gunbreach is probably the only weak spots available. Id have aimed for that area myself.

From my experience in CR2. L27A1 would have non-pen or ricochet off any other exposed area of that tank.

I have had a few times recently where what I thought was a solid hit on a barrel or gun breach netted far less results that I had hoped.


It was a Challenger 2, and as you said aiming elsewhere would’ve most likely resulted in a non-pen.
Please understand the guy has virtually no experience of top tier gameplay and even then performs significantly worse than me so clearly they know what they are talking about and it most definitely is not the game not working correctly.
(also please forget that his entire tangent has absolutely nothing to do with the point of the topic in the first place)

T-14 vs Su-152 - I fire, barrel turns slightly yellow, boom, dead.
T-14 vs KV-1 - same story.
It’s hilarious.

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Some Soviet tanks (and others) have 3D modeled barrels. So it’s infact a hollow barrel instead of a solid tube.

Guess what the game thinks is happening when a 75mm rounds hit’s the inside of a 152mm barrel at 80° impact?

That’s right. It will do nothing because the game only considers the armor penetration as valid criteria to damage gun barrels.

Volumetric also means that when only a part of the shell hits, the damage can varry wildly from just getting yellow to being knocked out.


So barrels can effectively block rounds from penetrating the vehicle while not getting significantly damaged in return.


Brother you have a 0.87 k/d you dont get to talk to people about how they should play

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Cool thing is your opinion doesn’t matter to me, and I can speak on whatever I feel I have knowledge on. K/D doesn’t correlate to knowledge, otherwise people on these forums would be alot more intelligent than they are.

I edited this post because people can abuse the flagging feature.

I always love when arguments devlolve into a K/D slinging fest.


If you had better knowledge of vehicle weakspots your k/d wouldnt be so bad now would it

I couldn’t care less at this point im tired of people who are somehow physically incapable of managing at least a 1 k/d attempting to argue about issues of skill or even about the game in general


welp found the most toxic thread in a while

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I love how every conversation here 90% of the time turns into an unhinged and toxic convo of everyone insulting everyone

Peak War Thunder moment

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yup. I just play for the explosions

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I play for the reenactment of the First Gulf War,becoming deaf because the Abrams’ engine noise in my headphones is too much even at 50% volume is truly the Gulf War Experience

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that turbo diesel is super loud huh

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Now i get it why real tankers are the first one getting tinnitus even with the proper equipment lmao