Fire extinguisher on planes

hey ya’ll

im playing air rb quite a while rn, i have everything spaded on toptier, but i get hit by missiles and guns just like anyone else.

but then my plane goes on fire, sure it happens but when i ‘extinguish’ the flames they just wont go out and my plane eventually burns away and crashes…

please make the fire extinguish modification actually extinguish fire or remove it from the game as its the most useless modification rn…

When the plane burns outside on a leak … there is not much what a internal fire-ex can do.

Fire extinguisher mods are for engine fires only if I remember correctly. They won’t do anything for fuel fires from the fuselage or wing tanks.

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Fly low tier bombers.

I managed to set the 2 right engines of a B-17 on fire at 4:41 - and the B-17 burned further 6 minutes until a Wvyern shot him down at 10:51 - both engines were still burning. Extremely disappointing as my whole benefit was a mission score of 200 points (150 for the crit and 2 hits).


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From a holistic pov there are 2 ways that a fire goes out:

  1. You increase the speed in order to extinguish the fire
  2. The fuel tank which was hit is empty.

Number 1 works sometimes, number 2 can be used with wing fires. If you roll 90 degree to put the burning wing upwards you can often extinguish fires, especially planes with a lot of rather small fuel tanks like Zeros can put those fires out.

Btw - As described above:

Fires need to be reworked - just look at this post (and the whole thread}:

I have found that cutting engines off can help sometimes, but it is by no means a solution for everything.

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Right now they only extinguish the engines. However, they should be extinguishing everything EX: The Japanese could extinguish flames that occurred on even the wings which there is footage to back this up.