Fire and Forget lock on

When is Russia getting its first FNF missile?

I would like to know when the missile lock on mechanic will be fixed.

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I don’t think Russia is lacking anything in the missile department in the game right now. Most of the nations don’t have FNF anyways


It already has fire and forget missiles in terms of air to ground munitions.

Throghout history, russia has not been very keen on making fire and forget missiles, kornet em appears to be the only fire and forget missile that i know aside from what the helicopters could have

As I know, kornet em is a ATGM carrier, not a missile, it’s still uses beam-riding missiles.

The only know FNF missile for russia I know, is Product 305, which gaijin said won’t appear in game.

For now, FNF missile have no advantage, because lock and fire takes time, and FNF missile fly slowly, enemy can kill you easily in this short time. The only advantage is in big, flat maps that nobody likes.

The kornet was further developed into the 9M133 Kornet-EM which has increased range, an improved warhead, and equipped with an automatic target tracker

They’re lacking fire and forget missiles and until they get them FNF missiles will remain broken.

When is Russia getting FNF missiles?

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When will they get ground FNF?

As this article suggests, Kornet-EM is a weapon system, meaning this atgm carrier. The automatic target tracker is for the car’s weapon station, meaning you don’t need to track the target by yourself, like the targeting pods what we already had in game.

The issue isn’t missile lock time the issue is that locking requires 60% of the vehicle to be visible and after locking the missile will sometimes detonate mid air for no reason.

Until Russia has FNF missiles modeled there is no hope for Gaijin to buff the mechanic, so when are they being added to Russia?


So not until every nation gets it, but until russia gets it? There is no russian bias, no xD

That’s some bias, the main problem is that gaijin is lazy. And they did do someting already, they add multiple lock point for vehicles as a temporary solution. But it’s another story about how multiple lock point makes FNF missiles perform even worse as they often hit the tracks and turret armor.

Its not ‘‘this atgm carrier’’. Its a weapon system that can be put into vehicles, clearly, just like any other kornet. Thats how atgm’s work. They are compatible with multitude of vehicles. The article i sent, suggested that kornet em is not this vehicle with kornet’s added but an atgm system.

Russian ‘system’ can mean a lot, in this case, it contains this wapon station, and the car.

This is non sense. kornet m/em being used on a car does not mean that now the car is exclusively part of this system and that the kornet m/em can’t exist without it. Just like how r-27er is on su-27, the r-27er can also be used on mig-29.
Anyway the argument is still pointless. Someone can go and suggest this vehicle, we still won’t know when it will get added. We aren’t gaijin employees.

That’s because they “buffed” the FnF missiles by making them less accurate on purpose. It’s so bad that they miss targets that are standing still now. Sometime they even switch lock to friendly 1km away lol, totally accidental though

Already did. 9P163-3 Kornet-D Tank Destroyer: Hidden Tank Killers - Suggestions / Ground - War Thunder — official forum
You see, Russians have a confusing way of naming their products. I did some research minutes ago, and I think I figure it out. 9P163-3/Kornet-D is for the entire tank destroyer, Kornet-EM is the wapon station. As it’s brother is called 9P162/Kornet-T.



But the 9P163-2, is a wapon station.



The station mainly uses laser riding missiles, 9M133M-1 9M133M-2.



But there is a missile with a seeker, but it’s a laser seeker, like Hellfire. The automatic target tracker is surely for the car’s weapon station.



It appears to be both in between. Upgrade to either variant with different capabilities as either mancarried or equipped on a vehicle

is there any evidence of it being actually used? maybe if they add this they actually fix FNF missiles