9P163-3 Kornet-D Tank Destroyer: Hidden Tank Killers

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9P163-3 Kornet-D Tank Destroyer


The Kornet-D during a parade.

  • Basic Description :
    • The 9P163-3 Kornet-D, or Kornet-EM is a tank destroyer designed to target light vehicles, main battle tanks, bunkers and fortifications, and low flying helicopters. Development began in mid-2000’s due to the need to replace the Russian Army’s aging Soviet-era 9P148 Anti-tank Missile Carrier that fires the 9M113/9M113M Konkurs ATGM’s. The focus was to mount the advanced Kornet ATGM system on a highly-mobile platform that provides increased targeting capabilities and crew survivability. The platform chosen was a modified 4x4 GAZ-2975 Chassis and later the GAZ-233116 Tigr-M 4x4 wheeled utility vehicle built by Voyenno-Promishlennaya Kompaniya (VPK). The GAZ-233116 Tigr-M is equipped with a 215hp YaMZ-5347-10 Turbo-charged Diesel Engine that powers critical electronics as well as propels the vehicle. It is coupled to the Chrysler 545RFE Automatic Transmission which allows the vehicle to reach speeds of greater than 125km/h. For vehicle layout, the Driver is located on the right (if facing the vehicle) and the Gunner who also acts as the Commander on the left. The Gunner utilizes a dual-screen fire control station that allows operation of two Remote Weapon Stations developed by JSC Konstruktorskoe Buro Priborostroeniya (KBP) that are equipped with 4x Kornet-M/Kornet-EM missile launchers that can fire a variety of the 9M133M missiles with either Tandem-HEAT, Thermobaric, or HE-FRAG warheads out to ranges of 8km to 10km. Underneath the missiles is an electro-optical sight that features both TV and 3rd-generation Thermal cameras for targeting vehicles in both day or night operations. Also integrated is a laser rangefinder and targeting system, to provide guidance for the laser-beam riding 9M113M missiles. The Gunner can use the two Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) to auto-track different targets independently of each other, allowing tracking and engagement of two targets simultaneously as well as offering a limited fire-and-forget capability. The system can also fire-on-the-move at low speeds. The two Remote Weapon Stations can fold into the interior of the vehicle to allow the crew to safely reload the launchers without exposing themselves to enemy fire. Between both launchers and the interior storage racks, the vehicle can carry 16x missiles, 8x in the ready to fire position, 8x stored inside the hull. The Gunner also operates the VHF (Very High Frequency) secure radio equipment to maintain communication between different units. The Driver operates the vehicle and can use helmet mounted night vision goggles for night driving. For protection, the vehicle is rated GOST R 50963-96 Class 3, or the equivalent to STANAG 4569 Level 2 which protects the vehicle against small caliber weapons fire as well as from shrapnel and IED detonations. It is also equipped with 4x 81mm smoke grenade launchers. The Kornet-D/EM made its debut in 2011 during the MAKS-2011 Airshow. In 2013, a live-fire demonstration of the Kornet-D took place, showcasing the maneuverability of the platform as well as the effectiveness of the Kornet-M missiles. In 2015, the Kornet-D made its debut in the Russian Army during the Victory Day Parade in Moscow, receiving the official designation 9P163-3 Kornet-D. An estimated 92 units are expected to be adopted by the Russian Army. Other users of the Kornet-D/EM are Algeria and Bahrain. It’s unknown if the Kornet-D has been involved in combat operations.
    • A version of the Kornet-D system, dubbed the 9P162M Kornet-D was developed for the Airborne Forces, built on the BMD-4M chassis however later this project was cancelled.
  • Specifications:
    • Role: Tank Destroyer
    • Origin/Manufacturer:
      • Russia - Voyenno-Promishlennaya Kompaniya (VPK)/JSC Konstruktorskoe Buro Priborostroeniya (KBP)
    • Armament:
      • 2x 9P163-3 Kornet-D Remote Weapon Station:
        • Elevation/Depression: +45/-5 degrees
        • Horizontal Traverse: +/- 180 degrees
        • 8x Kornet-EM Missile Launchers (8x missiles ready to fire, 8x stored):
          • Missile(s):
            • 9M133M-2
              • Warhead: Tandem HEAT
              • Penetration: 1,100-1,300mm of RHA behind ERA
              • Diameter: 152mm
              • Weight: 31kg
              • Propulsion: Single-Stage Solid Propellant Rocket Motor
              • Range: out to 8km
              • Guidance: Laser-beam Riding/SALCOS
              • Speed:
                • Max: 300m/s
            • 9M133FM-2
              • Warhead: Thermobaric
              • Penetration: N/A
              • Diameter: 152mm
              • Weight: 31kg
              • Propulsion: Single-Stage Solid Propellant Rocket Motor
              • Range: out to 8km
              • Guidance: Laser-beam Riding/SALCOS
              • Speed:
                • Max: 300m/s
            • 9M133FM-3
              • Warhead: HE-FRAG
              • Penetration: N/A
              • Diameter: 152mm
              • Weight: 33kg
              • Propulsion: Single-Stage Solid Propellant Rocket Motor
              • Range: out to 10km
              • Guidance: Laser-beam Riding/SALCOS
              • Speed:
                • Max: 300m/s
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 5.700m
    • Width: 2.330m
    • Height: 2.000m (Launcher folded down)
    • Weight: 8.5t
  • Mobility :
    • Max Speed: 125-140km/h
    • Transmission: Chrysler 545RFE Automatic Transmission (5-Forward, 1-Reverse)
    • Suspension: 4x4
      • GAZ-233116 Tigr-M
    • Engine: 215hp YaMZ-5347-10 Turbo-charged Diesel Engine
  • Crew:
    • Commander/Gunner
    • Driver
  • Additional Features:
    • 4x 81mm Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • Armor:
      • GOST R 50963-96 Class 3/STANAG 4569 Level 2 Armor Protection:
        • 7.62mm small arms protection.
        • Artillery shrapnel/IED protection.
    • Optics:
      • Gunner: Electro-optical Sight System
        • 3rd-generation Imagers
          • TV Channel:
            • Wide FOV: 4x4 degrees
            • Narrow FOV: 1x1 degrees
            • Rangefinder Channel: 15x20 degrees
          • TIS Channel:
            • Wide FOV: 5.9x7.3 degrees
            • Narrow FOV: 1.9x2.4 degrees
        • Auto-tracking capability, limited fire-and-forget.
      • Driver: Helmet-mounted Night Vision Goggles
        • Night Vision Periscope
  • In-game :
    • The Kornet-D is a highly mobile tank destroyer, equipped with effective 3rd-generation thermals as well as armed with a variety of very powerful anti-tank missiles that can be used to knock out tanks, or helicopters and are jamming resistant. If implemented, the vehicle can use fire-and-forget capability due to the launchers being able to auto-track themselves, each one independently of the other, however the missiles use laser-beam riding for guidance. The Kornet-D has a strong advantage of using its ATGM launchers in a hull-down position or hiding behind hills, to be able to knock out vehicles from long distances. Not to mention, the launchers can retract, providing safe reloading for the crew. It also features a large amount of missiles, providing the operator no shortage of ammo however if the vehicle is penetrated, especially in the rear, the Kornet-D will be destroyed. The vehicle has little armor, and can be easily knocked out due to its 2-person crew so it is best to use this vehicles high mobility and small size, and move to ambush locations and remain hidden. Use the smoke grenades wisely to evade incoming targets. It can also be a valuable point capturer due to its high speed and acceleration.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 9.7
  • Sources :
  • Imagery:


The Kornet-D/EM on display.



Different views of the Kornet-D.


Kornet-D firing a 9M113 Kornet missile.


pu.jpg 428091888_Kornet-DLauncherSpecs.png.1343

Views of the Kornet-D missile system.

detailbilder-gaz-233014-tiger-kornet-em- detailbilder-gaz-233014-tiger-kornet-em-

Kornet-EM%20008-L.jpg 08ce9a4d649b642032cb2595f9f1b84d.jpg?w=6

Interior views of the Kornet-D which utilizes a modified Tigr chassis.


9М133М-2 Tandem-HEAT missile.


9М133FМ-2 Thermobaric missile.


9М133FМ-3 Thermobaric missile.


Trainer used for the Kornet-D tank destroyer.


YaMZ-5347-10 Diesel Engine.

Kornet-D : Russian Anti Tank System Documentary - YouTube

Video of the Kornet-D.


The 9P162M Kornet-D that was meant for the airborne forces.


Would be a great tank destroyer, possibly between the Shturm and Khrizantema?


It depends really, I personally think it’ll go after, especially if it gets access to the thermobaric kornet.


Fair. Perhaps the 9P163M-1 Kornet-T could sit in that spot.

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@Yontzee Any chance you could do the K-4386 ZA-SpN Titan?



I find something interesting with another forum fellow.
It seem that the wapon station can track vehicles like what we have in heli and targeting pods. And can using a new laser guided missile, with a laser seeker like hellfire.
ЦАМТО / Новости / На авиасалоне МАКС-2011 КБП впервые представит ПТРК «Корнет-ЭМ» (armstrade.org)

So, a multi-purpose fire-and-forget ATGM with a 10km range and 1,300mm of pen? ERA might actually be useful lol.


Not really fire-and-forget. Some Russian plays on words. In this case, it means you lock a target, and fire, the fire control system on weapon station will help you tracking, like what we have in targeting pods of CAS planes. Not the real FNF missile, which will continue tracking the target even if you got blow up. Besides, ERA is still useless as it has tandem warhead.

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This little monster too.
From: Army Guide (army-guide.com)


It looks like someone was very, VERY high while designing this silly creature