Finnish summer camo on the BMD-4?

Hello !
I was fooling around the russian TT when i saw a “finnish summer camouflage” for the BMD-4.
I searched on the internet if Finland ever operated BMD-4s but got nothing, do somebody have an explanation on why is there this camo available for this vehicle ? Is there any BMD-4 that could POTENTIALLY be added for the finnish sub-tree ?

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Most " modern " soviet and russian tanks have this camouflage available in-game, it 's not related to the actual service appearance.

The BMD-4, being a low-production developmental vehicle, has no possibility of being added to Finland.

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It is indeed on most of them, but is it named “finnish” because russia copied the patern or :

it 's not related to the actual service appearance.

because gaijin put it in because it was nice ?

That 's close. The Finnish armed forces did use this camouflage on their armoured vehicles, a number of which were soviet-derived.

In relation to WT, that meant there was a basis for soviet vehicles to appear in Finnish colours - since generalized camoes like this are applied roughly by time period, that included vehicles the Finn 's never touched like the BMD.

It 's similar to how many British tanks have camouflage from the North African campaign available, despite not entering service until afterwards ( or in some cases, at all ). Some British tanks of that period did wear those camoes, so all of them get them ingame.

Unlike aircraft, it 's only in some specific cases that a tank 's additional camouflage options are tied to specific historical use, like the Karachi experimental camo on the BMP-2 or the " urban digital " colours on the Leopard 2PL.

Soviet equipment simply has finnish camos cus Gaijin didnt want to make finnish TT back in the day, who had this camo on their soviet vehicles. So they just gave all of them finnish camos, even if its unhistorical.
And no, BMD-4 is Russian and only currently used by Russia.
Nor soviets nor russians use that camo.