Finnish fighter that is never going to be added

VL Vihuri is a Finnish blueprint aircraft it is just a mosquito with instead of RR merlins, DB605s.

Would you like to have this ingame

Sauce or ur making stuff up.
It doesn’t work like that my guy

you nean that one?!

No, there was an earlier wartime project under the same VL Vihuri name. Idea was to reverse-engineer crashed deHavilland Mosquito with german instruments and DB605’s to replace the aging Bristol Blenheims. Only few concept drawings were done before the war ended because Germany never delivered the promised crashed Mosquitos for project to continue.

this wasnt a built aircraft but it was blueprint only as i said

image a model made of it

Super sorry to break it to you then but it’s a total no from me in that case. Sure the game still has a fair few paper or close to paper vehicles but it’s best to not even go there with suggestions like this tbh. If it was at least partially built or flown at least once it would’ve been a different story entirely.
That and the lack of at least the documentation makes it a no-go for this game