Finding games at BR 11.7-12.0


Am I the only one finding it hard to find any games in Air SIm at 11.7-12.0?

Also; is there a way to set more options in the game creator? I’d like to allow USA vs USA, (etc) so I can get a game going quicker; or enable bots so I can start with just me and still get some RP before I die of old age. How are some games setup with those and some are not?

What’s the deal?

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hello no you are not the only one. I have the same problems in 9.3-10.3.

I can tell you what the problem is. the problem is the anti-abuse measures.
Gaijin (and unfortunately also big parts of the community here) want to prevent abuse rooms. to these people it is obviously more important to prevent abuse than to have rooms to play.

the consequence is that we have too little choice of rooms and that it is difficult to create a room!!

Over two years ago we had this wonderful option to create your own EC sim battles.
This was all removed as an anti-abuse measure!
Now we’re sitting in the lobby, desperately trying to start a battle with preset bad scenarios. for which we need 4 men.

By the way, I wouldn’t like USA vs USA. better USA vs Russia.

I wouldn’t like USA vs USA but lately the rooms I join is heavily lopsided to the USA side; and yes I was sure I remembered being able to choose which nations were on which team; we at least need that option back (but I’d like to be able to get a room started with just 1 or 2 players rather than 4.

Ironically last night I had no issues finding a room but I have noticed the rooms change daily as to which BR is more available.

yes I would also like to.

The same nation being on both teams would not work. How would you identify friend from foe? It also doesnt fit with the simulator vibes.

yes the rotation. also a bad invention.

Some time ago I often had luck with Vietnam 9.7-10.7 USA, Japan vs Soviet Union, China. This setting was quick to start. probably because this is the only logical, historical and popular cold war setting for jets.

Yes, that’s right

Well I have played such games I just can’t start one myself. The IFF works because it’s a video game and not a simulator, I suppose.

Besides Turkey figured out how to reconfigure their IFF so we can work that aspect into the simulation.

Yeah but what if you dont have IFF ^^ or even radar for that matter

No, the problem is that SB is quite abandoned.

Then there are a lot of bugs, and also exploits that abusers can exploit.

Anyway, I prefer having little rooms to play, than having a lot like in the event, but only with abusers doing kamikaze supersonic dives on airfields.

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oh no cercata. It’s going around in circles.
The fact is that the anti-abuse measures 2 years ago almost killed the sim completely.
and as you correctly state, gaijin doesn’t care about the mode. that means there will never be anti-abuse measures that only hurt abusers. but those measures will only hurt sim as a whole.

In no online game on this planet does anyone want too few rooms.
I did not buy premium content for less rooms. I want to fly and not spend the entire evening in the lobby.

we are spinning in a circle

Don’t distort what I said, of course I prefer many rooms.

But if I have to choose between 3 legit rooms, or 20 fake rooms, I chose 3 legit rooms.

Me too, but in Fake lobies for just flying, i prefer MSFS.

And yes, we are spining in a circle because you insist on ignoring abusers, something no online game has ever done.

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Can console players still create games like this; I played one just the other day. Or was that an event of some kind that I played? IDEK

Anyone can create a lobby regardless of what platform they use. Just click the lobby button from the lobby list; lower-left corner of the window. From there you can select a map and one of the many nation presets, including which BR.

Allow USA+ GB vs the world, will be a good solution.

Because US players overnumbering each game and even if they are bad they win most of the games because most of the time, when you play all other nations this minimum 1vs 3 Us planes… not fun at all.
And even if they don’t fight just the combo of speed+bomb load of each US planes can win easily any game.
So after that what do you want to play for getting favorable games? USA… Nice vicious circle.

No, this is just a snapshot. Some time ago, Russian planes were in the majority. it changes update to update.
the nation lieups of sim tank battles are a rough but good template for EC.

I know you can create a game but you can’t turn on bots (but some games have them turned on) and you can’t select “all vs all” (any nation vs any nation) but I have recently played a game which that was also the setup (bots and all vs all). And we can choose maps but not weather, etc… somehow these rooms are being created (but rarely) and I’d to know how these rooms exist?

huhu PCPaulDPearl there are official rooms and self-created rooms.
In the lobby you can hardly see the differences.

bot placeholder are only in official rooms. unfortunately not in self-created rooms.
the weather makes gaijin.
I don’t know how official rooms start… I just know there are too few! I hope I could still help you somewhat.

to be honest. I think it’s all shit and unloving. but this last information is not helpful for you :)

Official games will start when you click the Battle button, to my knowledge, instead of joining a game on the lobby list, or creating one yourself.

The all nation vs nation setup usually occurs when too many players join the Battle queue with a certain nation, but not enough joining the other nations.

As Camel said, player made games don’t have Gaijin bots in the player slots. They only appear in official games, but are temporary placeholders until actual players join in.

…bots in the player slots. They only appear in official games, but are temporary placeholders until actual players join in…

Yeah that’s what I want, bots you can add as placeholders in player-created rooms. I’ll have to look into this so-called “battle” button on “official rooms”, however.