Finally a ground battle without being bombed!

You may not believe me, but today I escaped being bombed to pieces in a match. In the battle after that I was bombed to death twice. I’m considering refusing to re spawn if I get killed by aircraft. They do not belong in ground combat.


Play 10.0+, or any br with SAM SPAAs, as soon as they air spawn they will be taken out almost instantly in arcade.

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Congrats. It is nice to get one of those rare games where you don’t get shat on by CAS.


Not sure if I remember modern war history correctly then.


Are you sure you are talking about Ground Arcade and bombs? In this game mode you can see exactly when aircraft will spawn and also bombs have 10 seconds delay, so you have plenty of time to escape (if they are not dropped from a high altitude). I would understand if you complained about rockets, but bombs?
If you have problem with bombs, then your problem is actually awareness. The good news is, that’s something you can learn through experience and by paying more attention to your surroundings.


I rarely get taken out by CAS, even with dozens buzzing around. Just need to learn how to use cover


Well, if it was real battles I would agree. But this is arcade battles.

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Good for you.

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Many decrease fuse settings for bombs and there is no 10s delay. Many kamikaze pilots dives into your tank and bombs explode. If you drive a slow tank you won’t get away within 10s and many times you can’t move because of near by enemies. Awareness isn’t the problem.

*Russian SPAA/SAM

The good thing about the arcade mode is both teams have an equal amount of Russians lol that’s why it’s rare to see unhappy arcade mains. Even in RB, recent 292 spam has put USSRs on both teams, so you have 292 on 292 violence and Strelas to cover your A-6E TRAM. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be…

You can’t do that in Ground Arcade.

If I understand the system correctly, there is 10 seconds delay before the bomb is armed. Before that 10s bomb is not armed, so it won’t explode even if it his the ground. Why I understand the system this way? Because the higher the bomber fly, the shorter is the time before the bomb explode, after hitting the ground. And when the bomber altitude is high enough, the bomb will explode as soon as it touches the ground. My understanding is the simplest explanation of this effect.

Of course they could also just use different bomb fuse setting, depending from your altitude, but why would they complicate the system so much? If they wanted to do any changes to the system, it wouldn’t be easy, as they would have to change all the values separately.

But to be honest, it doesn’t really matter how it’s implemented. The thing is, you always have time to escape if you are only aware.

If that’s not the problem, then why I don’t have the same issue with bombs? I played thousands of Ground Arcade battles and I very rarely die from bombs, only when I don’t pay attention or when I’m unlucky (e.g. when I have destroyed track or engine and simply can’t move to avoid the bomb).

I actually checked the replay of your last battle. You died to a bomber and you never even looked at this bomber. That bomber was going straight at you, I was sure he will drop bombs at you, but you ignored it completely. That’s exactly what I call awareness issue.


OK. I’ll try to keep an eye on the bombers then.


not sure if you noticed, but there is a huge clue in the ‘ground battle’ description.

i dont recal a time when aircraft with 1000lb+ ordinance were ever classified as ground vehicles.

you may have noticed that air battles dont include human operated ground vehicles, possibly because its called ‘air battles’

yet ‘ground battles’ seems to favour aircraft much more than it does actual ground vehicles.

aircraft are much much harder to hit from the ground than vice versa, though scoring a kill on a plane scores much less than a plane scoring a kill on the ground
ground vehicles dont get to carpet bomb the air with arial area denial weaponry, but planes do get to carpet bomb the ground with ordinance that was never specifically used against ground troops, but used to take out infrastructure like bunkers, bridges shipyards, airfields and the like.
im speaking of course about the ridiculous 1000lb and 2000lb bomb payloads that bombers get to drop these days, whatever happened to 50lb, 100lb and 200lb bombs that used to feature?
why is every bomber and even almost every air to ground aircraft able to carry 1000lb bombs?

‘ground battles’, theres a clue in the title.

you clearly dont operate open topped AND slow vehicles like the dicker max if youve never been bombed from the air, for whom it is impossible to escape the blast area of such large ordinance dropped anywhere near 50 meters away

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I think the best way to learn how to deal with bombers in Ground Arcade is to… play SPAA.

And I don’t mean that when you play SPAA you can just kill planes. What I mean is, when you play SPAA and focus on planes, you will understand better how the whole system works. I’m pretty sure this experience helped me a lot to easier figure out the current situation and pay attention to details I never cared about before.

The most important thing is the air battle notification:

This information alone is the key to understanding the current threat. It will be different with different notification:

When you learn what every air battle notification means, the next very important thing to learn is to read the minimap correctly.

Let’s say one enemy bomber spawned. Assuming he is spotted by any of your teammates (in Ground Arcade battles it usually is, but not always), you don’t even have to look everywhere trying to find it. Very often all you have to do is to look at your minimap:

Do you see that red arrow in the top right corner of the minimap? That arrow means the plane that spawned is outside of the map border.
I don’t think there is any sense to record a video, but that arrow started moving up:

Just by seeing that arrow moving up, I knew the course of that plane, and I actually knew which teammates he will attack. When the enemy plane moves inside the map border, it turns into red “dot” (*actually by this icon I know he was an attacker, not a bomber, but I already made these screenshots, and it doesn’t really matter - I’m just trying to show here how to understand the minimap):

What a surprise! He attacked the targets he had set his course towards. And I didn’t even have to care about this plane. I saw all this by just paying attention to the user interface.

The situation would be completely different, if that red arrow started moving down. That would mean he can attack me and I would have to pay attention to that plane. Which means I would have to move my camera, check his exact course, and when he flies straight at me, take avoiding actions.

I sometimes use my vehicle as a bait, and when I see the bomber heading towards me, I often wait with moving until he drops bombs. This way I can save life of my teammates. But at the beginning, I recommend not to do this, just start moving when you notice a bomber flying straight at you. He will probably change his target, but at least you will be safe. And if he doesn’t change his course, you should never go straight. Just turn in the right moment (you will quickly learn when to turn, I can’t really tell you this easily, as this depends mainly from his altitude and distance to your position).

The best thing is, you have to learn all this to be effective when you use SPAA. That’s why playing SPAA is actually a very good idea in my opinion. And when you have hundreds or even thousands of battles in SPAA, paying attention to this kind of things is pretty much done automatically for most of the time. I usually look at this information out of the corner of my eye.

Of course it’s not like it will work every single time and you will never die from planes anymore, because I sometimes focus on making a good hit on the ground target so much, I temporarily don’t pay attention to air battles situation. But that’s my awareness issue (I’m not a perfect player).

The bottom line is that there are easy ways to control and avoid airborne threats in Ground Arcade. Especially after the devs reduced the number of fighters in air battles and hid the nameplates of ground units for them.


Actually it is because it would be boring for a human player to be stopped (or even moving) somewhere without nothing to do than wait for some enemy to get in range.
There was a submode in World War mode where players would man AAA defenses versus air raid.
Even then it was boring after a while…you would get waves of incoming bombers and keep firing until you ran out of ammo or the attack ended…

I like aircraft in ground battles…i admit they could be adjusted…the recent changes where fighters no long get ground targets ID and wont even appear in no air target exists were nice ones…
I would reduce the number of raids a bit and add some penalty for crashing into the ground…like being unable to get a new plane (for a while at least) if crashed without significant damage.

well that sounds reasonable, maybe even deliberately crashing a plane into the ground resulting in -1 tank spawns?
as it stands tanks get three spawns max, but one tanker can spawn 3+ plane raids in one tank ‘life’, making 9+ plane spawns which cost no damage penalties whatsoever, but can take out 5 tanks with 1000lb+bombs in one pass.

balance is not an appropriate term to use with so called ground battles.

all that is well and good when the game is working as intended.

but there are games ive played in SPAA where you see the spawn countdown, you hear the planes engines, you are looking around trying to spot it, nothing appears on the minimap in any shape or form and hey presto, you are dead to a rocket attack.

that has happened more times than i care for.

But it is working as intended. Just because you have trouble with the outcome and your demise, doesn’t mean it’s broken.