Final Separate Battle Ratings by Gamemode Changes & What We’re Planning for Attack Aircraft with All-Aspect Missiles in Air Battles

Ayit and A-4E were legit the only viable ground attack aircraft Israel had, and the only vehicles in the Israeli tech trees, except the AML-90, that aren’t overtiered or subpar.

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This is a move in the right direction, and it is nice that it is getting attention.

If we’re going to move the Super Etendard up and give it AS-30L (I’m not sure why this was being held back because of BR), we should just move it up to 10.7 or 11.0 and give it Magic 2.

I am also wondering if there is a plan to give the Mirage F1CT its AS-30Ls?

moving A-10 / Su-25 BR up is good (and should have been done long time ago). But moving of spawn points isn’t necessary … going after AI ground units at the beginning of air RB is suicide anyway and giving these planes more incentive to make dumb decisions will only make the situation worse, both for players falling for this bait and for balancing.

This is basically what Gaijin uses to skew balancing … “oh noes, we steered lots of clueless players towards doing dumb things, they fell for it and now those poor suckers are having awful results, what a shame, let’s use it as excuse to fudge balance some more”.

if Gaijin wants to help strike/bomber planes in air battles, then we need map rework … more spread out ground targets & more initial spawn locations so that every single plane isn’t approaching clustered targets from the same direction

what we don’t need is encouraging players to rush to kill a few AI ground targets and die in less than 3 minutes … that might be good for Gaijin to keep cycling players through MM as soon as possible to keep it from imploding, but it is incredibly bad for players since Gaijin changed rewards to be mostly dependant on time played


I would marry this post if I could.

Going after AI ground units is suicide at any BR. NPC planes over the NPC area will uncover your player bracket to the whole enemy team and you get always attacked soon after. Moving spawn points close to this, gets them killed even faster.

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The right thing to do is to place limitations on maps as well as terrestrial maps, red lines always balance maps and make the gameplay even better by preventing players from flanking other players, apart from the fact that it saves RAM.

it should be at most 9.3 and the a-4e at 9.0

Whats the point of killing half the map? Nearly everyone flies to midmap anyway and thr fe wthat dont get screwed over.

EDIT: “prevent flanking” oh so its to lower the skill ceiling. No.


it was a joke, why do they do this with grb maps

Yeah i saw the connection there

It would be interesting if the AMX could spawn closer to the battlefield, since it is too a strike aircraft.

Seeing this as a whole, i ask myself how many of these “few exceptions” exist, and why.

Imho the underlying issue (either too high or too low BRs in Air RB or Ground RB) has an impact on all aircraft and their usage in battles.

So i simply do not understand why you limited immediate actions regarding adjustments of BRs to a few top tier aircraft.

I mean it is no secret that a hell of aircraft with significant A2G capabilities are almost “unflyable” in Air RB due their rather poor flight performance compared to the average enemy aircraft at the same BR.

Best example: Me 410 B-6 vs P-51 D-30 at the same BR of 5.0.

I have serious doubts that the BR 5.0 in Air RB of the Me 410 B-6 has anything to do with their performance in Air RB matches - they die like flies without any game impact. You see sometimes a guy with 2 or 3 kills in it - mainly because US pilots take every headon and think that headons with 2 MK 103s are smart decisions.

So it would be great if we could get an explanation for the exceptions of the “rules” for BR settings, and when the next BR adjustment session is planned.

Thx in advance!

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You wont get a chance at bombing bases, since most of the games are full uptiers as is, with quite literally every non A6E being faster than you when you are not even carrying bombs, which means you wont get a chance to bomb and are free food for every single enemy with that flight performance. I’ve played my fair share of full uptiers in 9.0/9.3 flareless planes, and rarely get killed by all aspect missiles as an average (if even that) player, which is why I dont get all the outrage about those attackers. Yes, they force you to play a certain way if you dont have flares, but if you do they are a fairly easy kill, even when playing 9.0 aircraft.


as they mentioned, most aircraft are based on their air battle performance, so Me 410 B-6 would probably not get touched in air BRs, but ground BRs.
The exceptions were most likely planes whose air BR would be too low for their advanced ground ordnance, like the Q5-L being worse than the Q5-A/B for air battles but having LGBs for ground battles.

thats the reason for quite a couple of planes being a bit too high, people flying headons with something that shreds in the headon. the swedish J21s/A21s come to mind.

I mean, the Me 410 B-6 certainly doesn’t really warrant a BR of 5.0 for ground battles. it’s actually worse there than the previous two for ground battles.

J21s need to go to 4.7 in AB, and probably be brought down in RB, too.

J22-B is even worse, though.

What about the Jaguar IS? Totally non-competitive at 11.0, 9.7 air frame with 10.7 missiles = 11.0 with less than a 10.7 mirage??? What???

Dude - i am not sure why you felt the need to reply to a question directly aimed at gaijin. I had chosen explicitly this example with the Me 410 B-6 as it is obvious that the BR of 5.0 is not justified by it’s performance in Air RB.

The plane has not even a bomb payload, just 2 MK 103s and 2 MG 151s…even the 2 USSR Il-10s at 5.0 have bombs & rocket options.

The 5.0 410s are free kills even in full downtiers - even if their pilot is better than average as the performance gap is way too large. It is is similar to fly a S-199 vs a Yak-3…

So as it is obviously one of these “exceptions” i addressed this question.

I am not sure if you have flown this plane in Ground RB - but my son loves this plane there due to the HVAP rounds - and following this forum for years it looks like there is a common understanding that it is basically one of the few German CAS planes able to pen MBTs. Even if most players use the premium 335 B-2 with 3 MK 103s…

I mean, that’s good, that’s absolutely great, but, like stated :

I could go on talking about 1 specific aircraft that would still readily face it, the J35, which TT version has no flares, and nothing can out maneuver a well launched 9L without flares, yet I’m sure there are others.

If there isn’t a controlling grip put on uptiers it won’t work that well, or its sale season hell, with a million SU-25 and A-10A [E] players, you would get up tiered because of the saturation of players at that BR.


Would accurately modeled draken be able to?

Don’t know, but it still wouldn’t be possible to dodge a 9L unless the missile was fired improperly.