Fighters need to be prevented from taking bases

Since the packs went on sale the top tier both ground and air are now flooded with premium vehicles such as the J35 FS which is imo the best fighter at it’s br. however the people who bought are are obviously idiots or just want to be assholes and take bases instead making it virtually impossible for strike aircraft such as the AJ 37 to take bases and progress in the game. cant there be any delay before fighters can use their anti-ground missiles in air rb? anything at all?

J35XS is significantly inferior to the F-5E especially after the recent nerf what is blud waffling about


I have said that it is the best fighter IN MY OPINION. you completely missed the point though.

your opinion suits you personally i think

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I understand that AJ37 indeed is strike aircraft, but why use it like that in ARB? 2xRB24J + CMpod + Gunpod (same for AJS37 with extra missles just 1 step higher in br) are enough to fight with everything you can see at that br and you will get much more RP and SL.

It is far better to buff ways to get rewards than to try to take rewards/bombing away from others… we need a rework to the gamemodes.

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Viggens are not really good fighters for me. The fighter version is a great missile carrier that I like but its difficult to win a dogfight against enemies such as migs, f5s… The strike version is basically the same but you only have 2 IR missiles and 1 gunpod if you want to carry flares. simply it is better to drop some bombs and then return with missiles and pods.

Yeah 1 gunpod may be a little but is enough and with a bit of training AJ/AJS37 will serve you as a great fighters. Viggens are not a dogfighters and using them as such will kill you, they are fat, heavy and have not the best low speed acceleration. Use altitude and high speed agility, zoom around a battlefield and attack those who don’t know about your existence. For sure it will be more consistent way to grind.

I am quite used to the gunpods and lack of tracers and am able to get around 2 kills per match, though it sure would be better if I could use it how it was intended to be used. for bombing.

Why should they?

If the plane can carry bombs or rockets, or stuff that can damage bases, how are you going to stop people from being able to use them to bomb bases?

Why should you stop them?

I also hate the people who do nothing but rush bases for bombing, especially all the premiums, But flat out stopping certain aircraft types from being able to do it isnt the right move.

Also there are many situations where the simple class of aircraft defined by gaijin doesnt relate to the aircrafts most effective role, and so would be unfair.

In my opinion the B-17G is the best fighter.

Well there we go, opinion means NOTHING over the proven fact.