Fighters dont climb anymore (props)

Im a climber, i like to hold onto energy as i am a spitfire pilot af heart. There are also many other planes that should be climbing, exploiting this abundant resource. Time and time again i see more yaks climbing than bf109’s and when i get to altitude, im not talking about reaching for outer space. 4 km to 5 km is plenty, i look around for team members, i very rarely see any and end up most of the time the last man on my team and have to fight multiple enemys.

Guys your matchies will last longer, your get better rewards. It has to be better than just chasing bombers and getting damaged or even worse, being sent back to the hanger. I swear some of you must spend more time there than in the sky.

I realise there are planes that dont climb and some that belong on the deck side climbing for 5 minutes every 20 minutes is better than no climbing for 3 minutes every 4 minutes


Always been like this. Some players just dont climb because they want to rush into head-on, get kill and repeat.

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lol only thing I get Altitude in is F-14B about 24 000ft or 30 000ft then I drop Aim-54’s why on earth would anyone climb for anything else

Energy, the stuff you bleed when you turn (props)

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Didnt know people waste time on those prp tip people only play air battles with props to get the mods they need to bomb tanks and anyone bragging about dogfighting in ez track mode should come dogfight for real in GB

Your way off topic, less attitude and more altitude 😆 🤣 😂


Because climbing is boring and people would rather die, get a kill/ground targets quickly and repeat. I wish more people climbed because climbing is a good advantage.

You might be able to get more people to climb if everyone got an airspawn because that cuts out 60-90 secs of nothing.

Those who think that climbing is boring only see the pleasure in the very, very short term because climbing allows you to have more energy and engage in much more interesting battles.

In addition, while we are climbing we can observe the allies to see how they are positioned, if there are rather isolated enemies that we could easily engage, etc.

Some people really have an oyster for a brain. Soon we will complain about driving a car in a car game