Favoured approach routes / Behaviors copied from others (e.g. DieseLuftWaffel)

blue: angle of fire
black: approach
maps: Category:Maps and missions - War Thunder Wiki

Advance to the Rhine

Middle East

Hurtgen Forest




Not fair at all - I think they should remove that spot

Is this a recommendation or the most travelled route aka Lemming Road?


It depends on your playstyle, but if you’re trying to surprise your opponents, there’s nothing wrong with flanking. I used these routes when I had a fast tank. Maybe you have worked out a better tactic? idk.
If you have a fast tank (Hellcat, etc.), the only enemies who could engage you frontally are the enemy light tanks anyway.

The Carpathians spot is easily countered by simply sending a light tank around the mountain. Has yielded me a few nasty kills as no one expects anyone to come around that corner.

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Absolutely, and there are different strategies for who goes where based on BR, team composition and quick start observations.
I was or am just not sure what the exact message of the graphics is. So are these favourite places for fast support tanks?

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With a fast tank such as the Hellcat and an expert crew (or ace) and a good engine, and especially early in the game, certain positions can be very strong. This is because nobody expects that these positions are already taken, even if they expect that these spots are normally in use.

All maps subject to change with Gaijins next update?

I have no clue.
And why should they? There were way better topics on the old forum. They are not discussed anymore, sadly.
But have a look; maybe you can open a new topic and bring some things back to life.
I tried, but without much success, as we can see.
This forum structure has, as we all know, at least some disadvantages, but maybe the playerbase has changed too.
I don’t know what to blame or who, but my guess is as good as yours.
Besides, I heard the developers never visit the forum anyway.

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