Falcon SPAA needs to be 8.0 again

Title says it all. I can’t think of any reason for this vehicle to be at the same BR as many radar AAs, including 2 British ones. It is clearly inferior to all such vehicles and leaves the otherwise superb British 8.0 lineup without a reasonable AA able to counter the types of aircraft common at that BR.

play it as a TD/LT instead

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Ask gaijin to nerf its belt then. If you want it as an spaa then play it like that not as a TD.

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They moved it up because it’s a TD masquerading as a AA with the occasional air kill thrown in since they aren’t hard to lead with by eye.
Players don’t spawn these to protect the team from aircraft, they spawn them to hunt tanks, something it is very good at.

All spaas should have their armour piercing belts removed instead to force falcons, zsu and gepards to actually use them as spaa

I hear the fox killed more air 😆

Welcome to Britain, if its even slightly good, it must be nerfed into the ground


Good and being very strong are two different things. I wont lie i played the falcon as a TD and knew it would go up. I expect the za 35 to maybe go up but dont act like we didnt do this too ourselves.

Maybe, maybe not. At the end of the day, we have 3 SPAA at 8.3 and nothing for the BR before or after it. Its kinda insane. I reckon the Fox will probably be moved from 7.0 to 8.3+ in the next BR update

Im not gonna lie as much as i say we should get spaa for the 6.x bracket there are way more nations that need it then Britain does. Id be happy if gaijin just removed the apds from the belt so maybe the falcon could go to 7.7 but it still has sap so id still be killing mediums left and right. Regardless i think its annoying having 3 8.3 spaa but i hope gaijin adds actual spaa to the nations that need it. Sweden has a bunch of vehicles like the falcon except all they have is small profile and good pen. Then its just bad velocity way to little ammo and fire rate to kill aircraft. They need an spaa thats good at being spaa between 2.7-8.7.Then japan and US have the duster and its okay at fighting aircraft but most just use it to hunt tank cause its honestly better at that most of the time. The Sub is mid for japan, poor gun traverse and open top makes it super squish unlike the amx 10p which is similar except fully enclosed turret and 30° less gun elevation. Japan sweden and america really need something good like the ZSD/BTR/Bosvark in terms of the gun performance.

On the topic of the fox its very strong due to the good speed, strong gun and small size. 7.0 is too low considering it is better in every way to the type 87 rcv (p) which is 7.7 and has a stabilizer. Doesnt help if you cant pen anything though so again the term gaijin nerfs anything good thats british is dumb sorry.

The fox would probably due better at 7.7 if gaijin decompressed tank by moving stuff to 12.7 but they are very standfast on moving up the battle rating.

Just remove the HVAP and drop it back to 8.0

Maybe even get rid of the AP belt, so people have to use the default 50/50 belt and not the 75/25 AP one. Could even drop it back to 7.7 if it was purely an AA vehicle.

The Falcon is one of the most fun vehicles, for me it can remain as it is.

Disagree. Most of my games in Falcon were from back when it was 7.3-7.7. I am doing better in it at 8.3.

Just had this game not even 30minutes ago… first game of the day:


Now, here is the thing that I think makes the Falcon better at 8.3 than 8.0 and even 7.3/7.7: Less heavy tanks, more IFV, more light vehicles (including those radar SPAA), more helicopters, more Leopards, etc. Not to mention, it has a killer line-up backing it up. It’s just in a lovely spot right now.