Fair Play: May 2024

So around 2 months ago my bud got his account hacked and sold to some idiot russian who apparently used cheats. He quickly got his account back because said idiot never changed the password or attached email. And to be clear, I know my bud doesn’t cheat. His stats show it. But he just tried to join us on the game today and I immediately found his name on the list when I typed it in. Any clue where of where I can get into contact with someone about this?

This is about the best chance you’ve got but don’t hold your breath.

Thanks Sadly even though ive been telling him to report it even back when he got hacked he never did leading to this situation in the first place so Ill see if I can even get him to fill it out


Just had a match where a level 7 hit everything he aimed at, when i looked at his stats, he didn’t have ONE vehicle with a negative K/D in realistic.

and he had 2 matches in arcade, with 0 deaths and 14 kills…

The banwaves are great and all, but it feels like digging a hole in the ground to make room for some dirt from another hole.

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the problem is that I see that there are many more cheaters, but I don’t kick it, because that wouldn’t playerfun, there are many more cheaters in warthunder!!!

There are still guys out there buying bot scripts for base bombing in Air RB and waste team slots / steal slots of regular players.

I you watch this replay , you will see a B-18 B:

  • going directly after spawn in bombardier view
  • dropping the full payload on the base most far away from spawn
  • switching to standard 3rd person view after drop
  • heading then towards the enemy airfield to ensure to get killed

The main difference to previous bot scripts is to select not the nearest base - and a new function that the offensive weapon fires 2 short bursts every few seconds. Of course the defensive ai gunners scored various hits and a crit before he got shot down.

Track record:

599 battles
590 times shot down
52 Kills by (presumably) ai gunners

Reported via server replay…

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