Fair Play: May 2024

The topic is fair play.
Griefing by AF camping and space climbing, while vastly popular among the toxic (and mostly jnskilled and cowardly) part of the playerbase, is also against fair play. But gaijin tolerates it, because good part of their paying customers are toxic trolls and taking away their toy would end up with hysterical reaction.

All I want is a fair and fun game.

The topic is cheating. Are you actually this literal of a person?


It really is impressive how much toxicity you managed to fit in a post this short.


As usual, some pathetic insults thrown here and there, because I want to ruin your “fun”.
No toxicity at all. Lying would be toxic. F.e. saying that AF campers are decent people. That would insult even some criminals, because a few of them have higher moral standards than annoying as many people as possible and avoid fair play to maximum extent.
The topic is fair play. It’s literally named Fair Play. Of course Gaijin considers only cheating unfair, while griefing is the fairest of fair plays according to griefers themselves, and the company that benefits off them. But it’s damn far from truth

Okay, sure, I’ll rephrase it as ‘the person who gained a significant enough advantage that it was likely that they would beat me if the fight had continued.’ Personally, I think it was pretty easy to understand what I meant.

Forum discussions such as these are places where we talk about how to improve the game. In this case by ‘improving’ I mean suggesting improvements that make the game reward skill and preparation and punish a lack-thereof accordingly. I hope you can agree that changes that achieve this improve the game. In my opinion, removing the ability to camp the AA does just this. If you think that knowledge of how to get my AA to shoot down enemy aircraft is a skill that should be rewarded, then that is a disagreement we have on what should constitude skill in air RB. I cannot change your opinion on what constitutes skill, all I can say is that it is not fun to play in a game which rewards skills that are so heavily concerned with deterring fights, but of course I cannot change what you think constitudes ‘fun’ either.

I mean, if that mechanic is making the game worse, then I have a case for stating reasons why I dislike it.

This is a discussion about fair play. My entire point has been that airfield camping should not be allowed under fair play (because in isnt fair under any reasonable persons defintion of what constitues skilful play) and that therefore doing it should be considered a breach of fair-play, i.e., cheating.

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I appreciate that you are on my side with this debate, but @BleedingUranium is right, there isnt a place to be toxic. I have strongly expressed how much I detest the act of airfield camping and given reasons for why, but I tried to avoid being toxic. A lot of the people who do it are new (or perhaps even seasoned) players who do not know what to do and have learned that the only way they can beat people is by airfield camping. They are victims of the game design, some of them.

It’s not cheating. It’s literally griefing. Exploiting the game deisgn flaws to cause msximum player annoyance/frustration. The majority of players actually don’t use AF AAA for their benefit. So it’s pretty much the general rule to not camp the AF, because it greatly reduces the fan of everyone involved. But griefer’s fun comes from making other players miserable.
There’s no real satisfaction in AF AAA “reversal” because there’s no skill or teamplay involved. The satisfaction comes from greatly frustrating the player who worked for better position only to get everything denied by magical death bubble.

But that’s details, because it’s simply not fair, and that’s what counts.

This is what counts, yes.
It is hardly griefing tho, it is just poor players trying to not die, the manner in which they do so is bad enough that I think means should be taken to remove it as an option. There might be some bad examples (I definitely know I have seen a few), but even still, try and be civilised.

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Oh boy, have you ever engaged with them in chat? Most of them have fun of their lives. It’s their go-to tactic.
Yeah for some it’s just unfair stat padding.
But majority gets a kick out of annoying everyone else. Same with B18B spaceclimbers. They will even come a bit down, just so they can spray you with their 13mm MG with infinite ammo. And you have like 0 chance of ever catching them unless you have a lot of time and are flying some high-alt monster like P-47…

@_Poul & @BleedingUranium

Imho both of you are wasting time trying to discuss with those 2 guys.

They simply hijack every available thread in order to pray their core message:

  1. They are surrounded by people unworthy to play a game together with them, either due to lack of skill, know-how, fighting spirit or passion in general.
  2. Everybody who is not following their way of thinking and has the audacity trying to discuss with them and are showing that they are not willing to play by their rules is “low life” and “toxic”.

They simply forget:

  1. Arguing with “fair play” and using derogatory language towards others with deviating opinions at the same time is excluding each other - as the core principle of “fair play” is mutual respect.
  2. So everybody arguing with “fair play” whilst showing a lack of respect in their language towards others is just a hypocrite as they try to use straw men arguments in order to push their agenda.
  3. Irl you ignore those people, in this forum we have the “ignore” function.

Yeah, lets respect trolls, griefers etc. it will surely work, because their attitude of space climbing and diving towards AF is SO FULL OF RESPECT. And the Griefers’ Union defending these guys in every thread is a paragon of fair play and good will, not at all space climbing out of spite because they consider enemy team’s victory not earned, because their own team “has failed” (and lets just conveniently omit the fact that they did nothing to help that team win in the 1st place because they were too busy strategically avoiding combat unless at giant advantage).

EDIT: Just met such ace. He ended up with 5 kills, thx to staying close to AF. Unfortunately, his observation skills were sub par so after he scored one of his AF reversals and started chasing a friendly, I dove after him in Sea Fury. He immediately started the dive towards AF, but was too slow.
Seriously, how can anyone defend such behaviour?
What positives does it bring to the game.
Again, the number of decent people benefitting from AF AAA was exactly 0. How surprising.

Honestly, you absolutely hijacked this thread.

All because what you deem to be unfair, isn’t…


Just to be clear, I was perfectly civil in all my discussions. I hope this isnt directed at me

You never answered me asking you where you suggesting to report something that isn’t reportable was stated as being so…

Even though I still believe War Thunder or Gaijin needs a better anti cheat software , the only good thing when doing mass bans once 6 months or so , is that you don’t let cheaters or the creators of the cheat always updating their software , example if Gaijin was banning all the time instantly cheaters every day by the anti cheat that would only lead the creators of cheats to update their software .

But in my humble opinion , easy anti cheat isn’t that good anti cheat software to be honest . If gaijin is capable of creating their own anti cheat , I believe that will be the best solution for the company to have a clean competitive game and a healthy player base .


So around 2 months ago my bud got his account hacked and sold to some idiot russian who apparently used cheats. He quickly got his account back because said idiot never changed the password or attached email. And to be clear, I know my bud doesn’t cheat. His stats show it. But he just tried to join us on the game today and I immediately found his name on the list when I typed it in. Any clue where of where I can get into contact with someone about this?

This is about the best chance you’ve got but don’t hold your breath.

Thanks Sadly even though ive been telling him to report it even back when he got hacked he never did leading to this situation in the first place so Ill see if I can even get him to fill it out


Just had a match where a level 7 hit everything he aimed at, when i looked at his stats, he didn’t have ONE vehicle with a negative K/D in realistic.

and he had 2 matches in arcade, with 0 deaths and 14 kills…

The banwaves are great and all, but it feels like digging a hole in the ground to make room for some dirt from another hole.

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the problem is that I see that there are many more cheaters, but I don’t kick it, because that wouldn’t playerfun, there are many more cheaters in warthunder!!!

There are still guys out there buying bot scripts for base bombing in Air RB and waste team slots / steal slots of regular players.

I you watch this replay , you will see a B-18 B:

  • going directly after spawn in bombardier view
  • dropping the full payload on the base most far away from spawn
  • switching to standard 3rd person view after drop
  • heading then towards the enemy airfield to ensure to get killed

The main difference to previous bot scripts is to select not the nearest base - and a new function that the offensive weapon fires 2 short bursts every few seconds. Of course the defensive ai gunners scored various hits and a crit before he got shot down.

Track record:

599 battles
590 times shot down
52 Kills by (presumably) ai gunners

Reported via server replay…

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