Fair Play: March 2024

same with me ive been playing for 10 years and after a suspicious login they said the same thing to me luckily theyre actually investigating they diddnt do the same for my other account with got hacked and they wont un ban it

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Info from pinned topic:

➤ To request help regarding a Chat Ban, please contact a Game Master via Forum PM.

➤ To request help regarding a Name related Account Ban, please contact a Game Master via Forum PM.

➤ To request help regarding a Team Kill related Account Ban, please contact a Game Master via Forum PM.

➤ In case you suspect someone else took control over your account (and got it into trouble…) please contact Support .

➤ To request help regarding Finance related Game Bans (“negative credit card balance” issues) please contact Support .

For detailled information on how and when to report a player in-game for observed or suspected forbidden behaviour, please refer to this Guideline .

Please note that any issues that do not fall under the above mentioned cases can not be addressed by the Game Master Team.

I am glad and thank you for this so much!

Anyway, when we are in the fairness case, since when we will fight against balanced enemy? Constant +1 BR against is clear hoax too, provided by you GJ. So?

Absolutely not. Never. Rockstar tried vote kick with GTA 5. It was severely abused.

I can promise you the moment any sort of kick vote system is implemented, it will immediately have the opposite effect as bot users in naval and air sim will weaponize it and kick out players who blast their bots.

Air Sim lobbies will flood with bot abusers who turn their lobbies into PVE in violation of EULA.

Gaijin would be exceedingly short sighted to implement such a feature.

He is talking about this. An exploit that allowed a player to kick others from the match.

lmao what???
I was referring to a (now patched) exploit which allowed a cheater to boot people from the match.


You don’t need to apologize to them, we are collateral damage in all of this, I’ve had an account since the game started, I’ve never downloaded mods, I’ve never used them, I’ve never insulted or cursed anyone, the anti-cheat made big mistakes, so many hackers accumulate that the masters don’t see and the anti cheat itself has failed, many of us have suffered because of hackers, the masters tell me if someone played on my account to attach proof ha ha how come when I don’t even know how to mod the game I’m a 44 year old man and I drive a truck I have five children and I don’t have time to mess with this crap i paid for one premium tank to make researching other tanks go faster i still can’t believe this is happening to me and i feel sorry for all the guys who passed by like this greetings from GAVRAN_SERBIA

Better ad “0” behind that number, the game is still infested with lots of cheaters.
I just encountered 3 obvious wall hacker and aim botter in 11.0, top 2 players in my team, my pal and I got 2000+ points, while the rage hacker on the other team score 4000 with 0 death, this is really “encouraging”. And it happens in two games in a row.

Better luck on next account and cheat better, stop pretending like you didn’t do anything, cause cheater’s excuse means nothing.

Are you some sort of master’s lawyer? Give me proof that I modded and cheated and please just tell me that the anti cheat is working and that it has done its job for all these years as it should be, no master has come to check it, he said that he personally or someone from support will check the case that this anti cheat is working on the principle of love me not love me ha haaa I have this account since January 27, 2014 and this is a shame for everyone in Gaijin and if you are not from technical support or a master, I have nothing to argue about this situation, boy, peace be upon you


Forum is not a place to discuss your in game ban.
No one here can help you, no one here have tools to check your account and give you answer.
Please discuss your case with Support via ticket.
Please do not discuss your in game ban here.

Can you drop me link where to report my problem?


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