Responding to the recent vulnerability exploit

Hey everyone. We’ve found and patched a vulnerability that allowed a hacker to kick players from the game. We’d like to note that this was not a RCE vulnerability but rather a request-based one, meaning it did not have any danger to your data.

Thank you for your reports. We’d also like to let you know what we need in a situation like this. Any issues need to be reported with as much details as possible. The absolutely best thing you can do in a situation like this is create a report with all of the following data:

-If you were a participant of the session in question, a game log file found in /War Thunder/.game_logs/ folder

-A structured explanation of what has happened

-A screenshot of the problem created through in-game tools (pressing the Print screen button when the exploit is taking place) would also be very helpful when combined with all the above data.

Reports can be made here: Community Bug Reporting System

For other issues the list may be different, but giving as much as you can is always a good idea!

Thank you