Fair Play: February 2024

Hey everyone. First off, we’d like to express our gratitude to those of you who submit in-game reports on violations and in doing so inform us about the unfair actions of certain players. We deeply appreciate your willingness to support fair play in all areas of the game.

We’d like to let Air Simulator players know and draw attention to the violations that have been seen in this mode. Some players have used the lobby functionality to conduct fixed and arranged matches, with their actions allowing them to gain an illegitimate mission score, which disrupts fair players in this mode.

To counter these cases in Air Simulator Battles, mission points will no longer be awarded for attacking an enemy aircraft on an airfield that had not earned any mission points since their respawn. This is to prevent players who match-fix from easily earning mission points in this mode.

In addition to this, we’ve conducted a thorough analysis of the reports we’ve received and made the decision to permanently or temporarily ban 933 accounts of players who violated sections 6.1.2 and 6.1.4 of the War Thunder Specific Rules (exploiting game bugs, errors and flaws, and actions that violate the principle of fair play). For full transparency, we’re publishing the complete list of these players.

This list will be available for two weeks following the publication of this news.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

War Thunder Team


Hi War Thunder team & @Stona_WT

I hope you go more specific in each case, I just join the Sim battle 2 hours ago and get ban after few minutes after take off. I think somewhere in the map they played unfair by trade killing. But you cannot ban the whole map because someone in the map seems to be cheating.

I have raised ticket to ask for specific explanation on my case, code: 2353421. Hope to hear from you soon within this evening. I don’t have to for tomorrow to take the first task for the Jaguar.

Looking forward to hear from you soon


I’m positively convinced players on a runway never were the target for farming mission score, but airfield itself was. Anyone who found themselves within blast radius was just happenstance.


How to say you are a sim farmer without admitting you’re a sim farmer.


Yes, I do enjoy farming the farmers, is it that obvious? Pattern of climbing contrail towards your airfield is so recognizable you rarely need radar to IFF check anymore.


3/4 are only temporary. Why?

+1 Good job

some botters would spawn their bots on a single airfield and then kill them with an account on the other team with rockets or bombs from a safe distance for score and rewards


He just using ultra low quality graphics. Perfectly legit.


As you can see this list is not about cheating players but players who farm on airfields or so. I’ll forward your video for review.


There is so much more that con be done. why dont you ban people from joining jet matches in low tier aircraft just to hold up a spot and keep the game alive or, kicking player that just site idle on the ground. this still has not been fixed!

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I think because they have banned the whole map when seeing some clone account enter the game for farm killing. Trying to retake my account back before they end the 1st task

Captain Price: Good! (in a sinister tone from the original MWII), Keep it up mod/admin/dev team eradicate every last one of those cheaters/ exploiters/ botting scum for they’ve got no place in game (I don’t recognize the names in this post but hopefully you continue as always).

While I rarely play SB AF but it’s good that you guys are giving this month to them as they need it with all the exploiting that has happened in these past several years & are adding in mechanics to counter the runway farming strafers.

It’s funny I was playing NF the other day at 3.3 with a coastal defence ship an noticed a player doing well but then noticed their squadron NOOB(number here) which are known bot squadrons amongst some players an was like what a rare sight non botter from those squadron? Are my eyes deceiving me? But no they had been botting with the Porter class destroyer USS Moffet DD-362 as such I reported them, Hopefully next time their name is on the list of nuked accounts.

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No, it does not work like that.

You made a choice to be in such lobbies that are rigged to exploit game mechanics for personal gain. Even if you claim to be an innocent outsider that joined in. Having your account temporary suspended means you were found to be active in partaking in such actions that violates the game rules.

My mistake.

I join lobbies based on whats available. If i wanna bomb, sure i look for a low pop lobby, not to exploit but because it gives me the best opportunity to not be engaged.

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All are OK. But when you go to start to take actions against those player who like to shoot all entire team at the start of the match I RB?

not a good idear,
I mean, it’s not about nationality, and most people want to be fair,
it’s about individuals, it shouldn’t be about nationality or ethnicity.
as I know, this is an unfair activity led by a squadron (because of the large number and concentration, China often has 4 or more squadrons working together) once a group starts an unfair activity, it involves at least 100 people,
but there are obviously many more teams that insist on fairness.

That’s what they used to do when they had their own server.

To be honest, it’s impossible. Chinese players make up at least 30-40% of the audience, and they have a normal pay rate – it’s impossible for game companies to give up on Chinese players. We all want fair play, it doesn’t matter nationality, most of the provinces in China are bigger than most of the countries in Europe, and when you look at it from my perspective your proposal is tantamount to saying “ban everyone from playing games because someone cheats in Europe” which is obviously not possible. An approach that treats the symptoms rather than the root causes.

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