Facing 12.0 Teams without any 12.0 in our own team

Why is that possible?
Is the MM broken or working as intended?

Not realy fun to fight F–16 without any comparable plane in your team.

Any answers to this?

Gaijin said it would be fun 🤔

Nearly every match has an uptier in it, gaijin are all ways trying to find ways to make the grind harder

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Got a replay link or something showing the vehicle makeup of each team?


Four 12.0 planes in the opsing team and none in my team

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That’s fun. The limit is 4 players at max BR, 12.0 in this case, but I guess there isn’t a minimum number required for a game depending on the available players in the matchmaker.

Not realy fun.
I had some games of this balance in the last weeks.

i am interested in an expanation by Gaijin.
A bug or intended?