F9F-2, F2H, Su-11 should all share BR 7.7

Anyone who has played early jets recently knows the current unbalance of the 7.x lobbies. The F2H and Su-11 dominate due to their flight performance while everyone else suffers. The F2H alone outperforms every 7.3 that isn’t the Su-11 due to its combination of acceleration and good handling that make it very easy to fly.

Meanwhile, the F9F-2 is 8.0 BR for very similar flight performance to the F2H and 160 more rounds of ammo. It turns a lot worse than the F2H so why the .7 BR increase?

If the Su-11, F2H and F9F were all 7.7 BR, many balance issues would be alleviated. It is currently possible for the Ki-84 hei to fight a carrier aviation jet fighter which cruises at speeds twice as fast and carries nose-mounted ANM3. This is ridiculous.


What about Sea Jesus?
It has same BR with F.3 rn.

Well, the Sea Meteor may also deserve 7.7 but not as hard. You have to manage its pull so you don’t lose the wings, and it rips at 840 meaning that F2H and Su-11 can usually escape it in a pinch. The meteor is massive and doesn’t roll very well, making it an attractive target for the F2H which is very snappy at medium speeds.

Its acceleration might be awesome but the handling is definitely not, and it doesn’t turn quite as hard as the Mk 3.

Plus, its fuel load is not optimized for air RB like F2H or Su-11, as we don’t have fuel sliders currently. Sea could go BR 7.7 but only after the other two. Your choice tbh.

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