i have not used this aircraft that much just got it 2 days ago but for some reason when going into a controlled dive to kill an enemy player then trying to go back up the plane locks itself and then the wings rips off for no reason.
no i was not shot by an enemy at all plane was perfectly fine when it happened. i was also only going about 550-560 mph when i was trying to go back up.
is this a glitch with the plane?

No, that’s just over speed, don’t dive for so long, of use air brake if it has it. Oh wait, you mean the jet, sorry, yeah, that’s because when you pull up to fast the wings don’t like it too much. That’s what I’ve heard, but it may be a bug, I wouldn’t rule it out, low chance it is though.


your saying that aircraft airframe is so weak it destroys itself going over 500 mph XD

Specifically, it breaks when you undergo a high G pull at speed. Anything approaching mach, don’t use your entire elevator or look at your rudder, otherwise your wings will snap off.

I still maintain it’s an issue with the flight model/instructor. No other plane suffers from this as badly as the F8s do, and it’s very tedious to play a plane that’s both supersonic and an excellent dogfighter, but will kill you instantly if you try to dogfight at near supersonic speeds.

More like, you’re bad enough at understanding your aircraft to cause this to happen even though its very avoidable… sorry just being blunt here

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no the Crusaders just have weak wings

That’s what I though, glad someone else confirmed o7

Yeah its only slightly better with the F8E but i don’t think the corsair II have the wing snapping problem probably because they cant pull the same AOA

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