F89 lower br than 262s?

Someone please explain to me why the F89s are a lower br than the 262U1. They are flat out better than anything that’s 7.0 and 7.3. Why are they not 7.7 minimum where they belong. I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that the F89 which was introduced into service in 1950. Is fighting late war German props and jets. For example what am I supposed to against it in a 162? Or a 152C? I thought we all knew that both F89s should easily be 7.7. It’s unbelievable that they’re 7.0


One word: $ales.


Nah, rocket Me 262 is superior.
Faster climb, lighter.

And I remembered why the airspawn 262 is 7.3… cause it gets an airspawn.
Remove its airspawn and 7.0.

Buy one try it out find out everything out rates it and gl bnz any ME oor R2Y2 when they got 2 cells alive in brain … Both good for sure but not su-11 good irt was better long ago too but its gun was nerfed in how it fires ( big gaps) so its very easy to dodge its attacks they both good but honestly 1 dimension play


People with different perspectives are not “contrarian”.
Being compassionate & empathetic is not “antagonistic”.
Attempting to derail with antagonism & forum rule violations is not helpful to this forum.
I’ve never once flagged an opposing view and never will. I’ll also never be antagonistic.

Be better.

And no one needs to fly an aircraft to have experience. Fighting them gives experience.
And I have a skill issue with the 30 mils that others don’t, I’m willing to admit that.

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Sigh. It took you two minutes to do it again. It’s so tired.

Why is it tiring that people are helpful?
What is so wrong about being compassionate?
Explain to us why good things are bad.

It’s clear there’s been miscommunication between us for you to have these incorrect conclusions.

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Do you think its a coincidence that you happen to disagree with the popular opinion 90%+ of the time


I’ve disagreed with few popular opinions.
Nation bias is unpopular, as there are 10 nations, and everyone that believes in nation bias is divided into 10 categories who themselves are a minority of the community itself.
BR compression is unpopular, argued against that.

No Razer, I am not even trying to be rude here, you disagree with me specifically like 95%+ of the time and I’d say like 80-90% of the time with the popular take… I’m not saying the popular take = the gospel, but I am saying you do disagree a LOT.


By all means address positions you have in my DMs.
Positions you think are popular & I might disagree on, and I’ll state my views on each one you propose.
I say DMs since it’s obviously off-topic for this thread.
He didn’t take me up on this offer.

A-1a/Jabo is still 7.0 that has airspawn iirc

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Fair point.
Guess those 103s really do damage.
What I do know is I have never died to an F-89B.
D ~3 times, then I learned not to get in front of its rockets.
So while I have experience fighting F-89s, I have little experience dying to them.
I have no idea what they’re strong against, I only know what they’re weaker against, and one of those things is the 7.3 262s. Including the one where I’m unable to aim the 108s it has.

Guess those 103s really do damage.

You can’t just make up new goal posts everytime somebody tells you your previous one wasn’t fit. Sometimes things are simply not balanced or fair and thats ok. This is one of those cases.


Dude, it’s slight humor.
No goalposts were moved, I did not state another conclusion.
All I stated was a slightly humorous statement on how 103s are more powerful than 108s, that’s it.

Because newbies buy them and have no concept of energy fighting. Afterburners, very strong armament, mental acceleration and climb, yet because they dont turn well every newbie who buys it does poorly and now somehow it’s the same BR as the Spitfire mk24 when they were 1.0BR apart a few years ago.

As usual, it’s the new players in premiums, like the Su-11 as well.

Its lower BR because it was a giant piece of shit before the realshatter fixes, expect it to go up in BR now.