F84-g-21-RE weapon radar help

So, I’ve been trying to figure out the radar system on this for a while now. Going by its entries this jet has a weapons acquisitions and guidance system to help correct its guns, but no matter what i do (attempting to lock on, changing modes etc) i genuinely cannot see it making any differences. my f3d has a proper lock on to help lead, so i’m not even entirely sure what this jets radar even does, or how to use it properly, and i’ve found no real help on youtube. Can anyone give me some advice on it?

Pulled from the wiki

“The F-84G is equipped with an AN/APG-30 rangefinding radar, located in the nose of the aircraft. It will automatically detect other planes within the scanning area and display the range to the closest target. It is linked with a gyro gunsight and can help with aiming at close range.” - F-84G-21-RE - War Thunder Wiki.

So guess its akin to the radar in the hunters, meant purely for giving you a range to the target or something akin to the gunsights in the lightning F6, which automatically adjust the pipper for the range to target.

Ah, so it mostly helps in cockpit view basically? I’ll have to futz around and test that out, Not used to doing cockpit view but it might be fun to try if this works, thank you!

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That would be my interpretation. I’ve never figured out if such radar gun sights have any effect when in third person, sometimes it feels like it helps, but other times it feels like it does nothing at all. But for the most part I think they’ve limited the effects of radar gunsights in ARB/ when in third person, but left them intact in ASB, where you only fly in cockpit