F4S Phantom 2 trimming


what’s wrong with it? i wont believe Phantom pilots had to pull the stick all the way to a dogfight and back.
yet thats what i have to do in a ASB. trim settings wont do anything. i know they working in general - other plaines are working fine. but this one just dont care what trim% im setting. doesnt matter if its a -100 or +100.

if youre using damping stabilization then trim is unavailable


Are you using damping or automatic leveling mode? That could be causing an issue if you think you aren’t pulling as hard as you should be.


yeah… im using sas. oh ffs that plane… why is sas working fine with trimming on one plane, but not on the other? damping stabilization is the main thing why i started to play SB recently.

If you are using damping then it severely limits how hard the plane will react to your controls. If you are getting in to a dogfight then you should probably turn it off if you aren’t going to be able to hit an off-boresight missile shot because you probably won’t be able to get your nose on target properly with damping on.

Also, the F-4S has the Agile Eagle upgrade and using combat flaps helps the boat of an aircraft turn a bit better. Dogfighting probably isn’t the best thing to do in the F-4 since it is such a large, heavy aircraft. If you are carrying payload of any sort it makes it perform much more poorly than without.


well it basically filtering sudden moves for me and i really need this a lot more, than i need trimming. its just will be a second thing i really hate about Phantom in ASB. another is absence of HUD.
but thanks for the advices anyway.