F4J(UK) over BRd

Hey so all the UK Phantoms except the premium one are 10.7 in sim, it’d be nice the premium UK one could get it’s BR lowered to match the FGR2 and FG1 considering it has the same weapons and only the engines are different(arguably worse for WT).

I guess it got missed last time Gaijin changed BRs because someone thought it had AIM-7Fs like the USA F4J.

Preferably it’d be lowered without needing to wait for the next BR patch but idk if that’s been done before for issues like this.

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Yeah, always thought this too. Especially when you look at the Mig-23ML which is 11.0 vs its tech tree equivalent at 11.3. No reason at all that the F4-J shouldn’t be at 10.7/11 in SB with the FGR2/FG1 at 10.7 quite happily