F4C phantom II

The F4C needs flares if it is a 10.0 aircraft in its air-to-ground role, the F-4C could carry twice the normal load of a WWII B-17. The armament loaded on the aircraft on display is a typical configuration for an F-4C in 1967. It consists of four AIM-7E and four AIM-9B air-to-air missiles, and eight 750-pound Mk 117 bombs. The aircraft also carries two external fuel tanks on the outboard pylons and one ALQ-87 electronic countermeasures (ECM) pod on the right inboard pylon. This is proof it needs flares gaijin fix your damn game

It never carried flares so there’s nothing to fix.


So having all those munitions, fuel tanks and an ECM pod in real life is proof it needs flares?

What does having all that have to do with countering IR missiles?

actually, it did and there is a video on youtube showing it that im looking for, someone also did a bug report about it 2 years ago.

The F-4C may not have had flares but it probably had access to an IRCM pod, the AN/AAQ-8.

AAQ-8 -1

It’s likely that this is an F-4D (“FP” was used by F-4C/D USAF 435th TFSq[The 435th TFS was attached to the 8th wing in 1966 and inactivated in August 1974], 8 TFWg Ubon) in the image, and as a podded system with a RAT powering the pod isn’t an issue. The Sister Squadron; The 497th TFSq [TC; was “FO”] flew with the F-4C 1965 –1974 and as such there is an overlap so could reasonably be expected to be able to be carried.

F-4 AAQ-8


if you want to fly US Phantoms in EC8 sim.
the best thing you can do is replace the F-4C with the F-4E.

Can confirm, F4e on 9.7-10.7 rotation absolutely slaps

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Just play F-4M or F-4K, then you have PD radar as well 🤣

Da kann ich leider nicht Zustimmen, ich habe das hier zu den Flares gefunden ( MCDONNELL DOUGLAS F-4C PHANTOM II > 163d Attack Wing > Display. )

First, this is international forum, which is English only. Also we were talking about flares and chaff, not ECM. Which isn’t even in game yet.