F4 vs F15 totally balanced

Br system totally fine…

All vehicles suffer in a full uptier. You’re fine.


Just the 50 battle and 41 full uptier is nosense

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yes, the system is the issue, not the exact br’s^^

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+1 br very pathetic and too unbalanced. Like senyang f5 in 10.3 good luck or any 11.0-11.3 plane vs f16/f15…

Im gonna assume you’re just base rushing in an F-4S if so you put this upon yourself by playing 11.3

Nvm you dont even own a phantom or F-15 why are you even complaining whats the point of this thread

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not rly aim assist man. i just try to play in 11.0-11.3 and very demotivate the 50/41 full uptier like the 11.7 ej kai vs gripen or su27…

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@Smin1080p or @Stona_WT
Can you get this troll out? He’s kinda boring me

they might laugh at you i never seen a dumber person here than you lmao

You forgot a period.

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So,… when you guys will stop comparing your Dk’s:

We, as experimented player base, asked for ages to see some real decompression, yet Gaijin, by various forms (CEO in videos, Community Managers, Q&A’s,…) always denied us to have that required locals//entiere BR being reworked.

Various reasons were implied on various times, yet there is the last and most understandable that was not given once : MONEY

The game plays on frustration to get your money, so either you :
→ cope and play your aircraft within the given conditions
→ pay for premium and make the suffer less painful by increasing your rewards
→ quit the game

IF, and i said IF, the game design is to be partially reworked on asked BR areas, we might be able to see less stupid kind of fight we can see everytime the Max BR is raised due to new aircraft/weapon/stuff.

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I used to Play 11.3 where i guess 80% of the Round was +1(1,4) BR the 12.7 dropped down their BR. Which means i fought F16Cs with my SU39 💀. Now i Play 11.0 and its much better

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Yep, I’ve seen a wide range of suggestions to help mitigate these issues. Even something as simple as going from ±1 BR to ±0.7 BR might help a lot.

Nothing is worse than facing full uptiers. But you are right, it is probably intentionally done

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