Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

“Let’s go.” “We can’t.” “Why not?” "We’re waiting for Godot.”

The one-off forum article yesterday was a pretty good clue, that’s kind of the article you write when you’re looking at a schedule and see you have nothing to actually announce for days yet. I wouldn’t expect too much more to come this week, or they wouldn’t have posted that.

From 9.7 to 11.3. All 4 of our aircraft are strike aircraft.

So when I’d be playing the Sea Harrier FRS1e at 10.3, with the Buc S2B and Jaguar Gr1A also in my line-up. I wont notice any affect on the SP cost from one being classed as a fighter.

I very very rarely play top tier, and typically if Im playing 11.7 I’ll have the Gr7 or Gripen over the F3

is the F3 really that bad?

it always sounds so horrible that I just want to Find out

The F3 is excellent in SB, great radar, overall good missiles and great RWR. You can ambush targets and engage in 1v1s where you stand a chance. Now it doesnt see full uptiers to Mig-29s all the time. We can finally use it to hard counter the Mig-23s at long last and it is good.

ARB its fine, struggles with the uptiers, but curb stomps in the full downtiers. Few people run chaff, so thats just 4x free kills with the BVRs if anyone tries to climb. Multipathing screws you though. You have to stay out of the furball and just make slashing attacks.

Radar management in the F3 is probably the hardest part, it can be both amazing and annoying. The BOL nerfs make you overly vulnerable to IR and SARH missiles. The flight model does need buffing and there are a few other bits and pieces like PHC that would be great to get modeled

In GRB, its basically a forced furball. Sometimes i Run it, but the Gr7 with Aim-9Ms, more CMs, and MAWS, just handles a furball better. F3 struggles just doing 180 turns on a typical GRB map. There are times where the radar is great, but also times where its limited flight model just leaves you vulnerable (A Gr7 stands a chance vs an F-16C, Tornado F3 doesnt, so its a compression issue as much as anything)

Also doesnt hurt that the Gr7 can lob some bombs at the same time as doing reasonably good CAP




I admit I kinda agrod him but

Can anyone tell me what this guys issue is?

I remember it’s said, in west Europe, P-47 drop more bombs than any other aircrafts, including bombers. Not sure if it’s real

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Not sure it actually changes much to be honest.

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if the 1000 bomber raids on Germany are excluded that is probably true



I doubt “most bombs dropped” but maybe “most bomb actually on target” or something. Especially as i think things like the Typhoon were mostly providing CAS with rockets

I think you’re sad because you can’t afford any premiums.

But beyond this, what’s the topic on rn?

imo this one is better

the lean table shows that US(SR) have much more vehicles better than the stuffed one

I assume it’s US exclusive and either most bombs dropped on the frontline battlefield or most bombing missions if they include all CAS calls into that

Yeah something like that. I doubt the P-47s dropped more bombs than bomber commander with the Lancaster, Mosquitos and B-17s

1 minute trailer of AIM-120 vs R-77 glazing, 10 seconds of MICA and Derby cameo, and then a quick 5 seconds sneakpeek of PL-12 and R-Darter because Gaijin is embarrassed about having little to no information on PL-12 and so it is relegated to be the black sheep of the Fox 3 family.


hey remember how you told me I had a skill issue in the Nuke Killer Ban topic?

because my K/D and efficiency looks just like yours on Thunderskill?

No, that was another guy, I just was calling out the other guys with no pfp that were picking fights.

There is still a small voice in the back of my head saying

“They arent gunna add R-Darter or PL-12 this update, they’ll just leave them, get the other 3 balanced (and working) and add them down the road. Gripen C will get AMRAAM and F-16 MLU will get AMRAAM this update”

Russian Bias disproved tbh.