F4 EJ KAI missing "radar aim" from HUD

F4 EJ KAI have lead indicator in “TPS view” but no have a lead in the HUD
Pretty demoralize in sim mode. Any ide the gaijin why no fix this issue?

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HUD’s are something that really would need a lot of work throughout whole WT. Their implementation is in some cases incomplete (as in what you describe, for example), and in other aspects plain wrong.

Probably my biggest annoyance with WT are those HUDs, which in not a single case have a VV (velocity vector / flight path marker) or horizon lines and attitude ladders which not even remotely do what they are supposed to do IRL.


Absolutly, but the migs and blk10 and blk15 f16 hud working almost perfectly and this is very positive.
Blk20 and blk50 need a better hud (looks like a lagging gun tunnel atm)
Any chance for fix in the future?

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