F20 vs su27 nosense

So lot of player pre order the F20 pack and they now understand the br system not exsist.
Good luck guys in constant 12.7!
Remember, the br system not exsist. :D

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‘‘just wait 2-4 weeks for it to settle’’

They maybe put in 11.7 and the problem not fixed. Why? 11.7 always play in 12.7 :D

How are you having issues against the brick of a plane called the Su-27? You have so much energy potential over it. Plus you would only see at max 4 of them in a full uptier.

not rly xD

Not really as in what? The Su-27 is heavy, it can get one good turn and that’s about it. As long as you’re not careless the R-27s should not be much of an issue either. You just have to be conscious of your flare count.

yea and the r73, aam3, aim9m vs 45 flare balanced…

If we’re just going look at equipment that you face in uptiers, sure. The R73 is terrible though, your 9Ls are arguably better. And unless you’re just blindly running into the fight you shouldn’t be getting shot at without a chance to evade.

I hope you know that I’m only answering your nonsense in order to up the post

all decimals usually get uptiered to shit from what ive experienced

Yes, uptiers exist.

And people are just going to laugh at you saying “skill issue”. It won’t work in your favor.

i dont care. the toptier air rb is dying now <3

I play at 11.3 and every game i see at least a few F20s, i dont see what you are ranting on about.
If someone spent 70 Dollars without doing at least some research thats their issue, they shouldnt lower the BR of a plane because people cant read.

Each flare pop is individual meaning the “45 flares” isn’t really representative on how much you can actually use. You got more flares than a F-16A at the same BR so enjoy!

I haven’t had many uptiers like that. The 11.3 br is very popular so you get alot of games mixed in with Phantoms and Mig23MLs.