F16J AIM-7F has issue

AIM - 7F still has issue. exploded mid-air even lock still active, fly to other direction even the target is about 12km away??? what is going on with this?? What are your thought about this guys?


All radar missiles I have access to are doing it constantly after they seemed to have fixed the funkiness on the F-15s yesterday

R-24R on the 23ML, AIM-7F on the F-4S (which even with the breaking of PD radar with the new patch still worked), and the AIM-7Ms on the F-15 are constantly going off target and squirreling off even with a consistent lock
27Rs and 27ERs still fully ahistoric with their utterly spastic performance that isn’t supported by IRL documentation though


This has been happening to me nonstop. I am getting really pissed off. I bought the F-4S on sale to finally grind the US tree. Now my missiles are exploding as soon as I fire them, they veer off into nothingness, or my favorite is one flew forward, did a 180 and flew right past me. WTF is going on here?


Just my experience with F-4S xD. Constant lock, PD mode, flying straight at the guy that flies straight at me. Fire missile, first going to the air and circles, second going into the ground, third finally lock on him( that means missile going straight at him) when we are 5km apart. Then he fires his missile while I see mine misses him. I see his missile going “Omar wa mou shindeiru” at me with red eyes while my chaff and flares won’t work because this truck just can’t turn fast enought and I am death with no kills or what ever.


I had two AIM-7Ms off my F-15A do 180s away from a Mirage in a perfect headon that my 4S would have smashed it in
Something fucky is happening this patch

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I also just launched an AIM-7F at a Mirage 2000 that was flying straight at me. Alt was about 9000m, closure speed about 680m/s and i fired the sparrow at about 20km. It literally tracked perfectly while the guy just kept flying straight. I watched the sparrow go directly at him and then detonate a kilometer away from him for absolutely no reason. The guy didnt notch, he didnt flare, nothing.

Its definitely broken.


Not flaring, i meant to say chaffing.

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The 7F in this situation does have a limited range, once it has registered a certain amount of guidance time after launch it will self detonate.

Missile with 40km range on head on, perfectly launched at Mirage when they were 20km apart so it couldn’t got out of time, definitely. Man got noob aura just like mine targets for aim-7f

Launch at 15km so the sustainer motor keeps burning.

“Guidance time” the missile will only guide for so long before they detonate. You can launch at 40kms, but if it runs out of guidance time before it hits it will just self destruct.

The guidance time is 75 seconds which is plenty.

Cool, then it probably ran out of energy and started to fall, thus self destructing

Aim-7F is going Mach 4, while mirage was going probably Mach 1.5, there was literally couple of seconds until it reached it on head on

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I very much doubt that’s what happened
SARH missiles have gotten perpetually worse since the last big update
To the point that they’re about as reliable as R-60s thrown at Gripens

Dozens and I mean DOZENS of headon launches where it just turns away or goes dumb without chaff notching or even manuevering
R-24Rs and AIM-7s doing snap turns to go for chaff that’s been in the air for 5s like an IR going for flares which isn’t how chaff works at all

SARH are fucked
Don’t make excuses

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They are rather messed up yes, Ive had R24R’s pitbull for planes I wasnt locked onto, I was pointing his situation out as something else happening


20km launch isn’t 75s of flight time
That’s the whole point
It wasn’t autodestructing because it reached the end of its lifespan

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It doesn’t take 75 seconds to hit a 20km shot. More like 20 at max. I’ve hit shots from 30km in the F-4J so guidance time isn’t the issue.

Aim-7Fs are less reliable than R530Ds. Question is why Gaijin broke them and why they haven’t fixed them yet. Is this russian bias so R-27ER can perform - or massive incompetence?

I believe it’s the latter since Aim7F tracked FAR better back when F-4J was new.