F16C is missing hardpoints

The F16C and F16D have more hardpoints than we have in game. The setup should allow for:

Up to 10 missiles + 3 fuel pods + targeting + eccm system on a single loadout.


Here is an unclassified image showing that the pylon is capable of carrying up to 10 missiles using the triple rail system. As you can see you can carry 5 missiles per wing. This could be a combination but in this image they have 4 Aim-120s and 1 Aim-9 per wing.

Here is an image showing that even with the targeting pod, you still have a centerline fuel tank:


Here is and F16C Block 40 with the extra fuel pod and triple launcher:

Here is a block 15 F16 with the double and triple launcher and extra fuel pods. Keep in mind this is a Block 15 so everything after that including that should have it:


Here is another F16C in this image you can see the 4 hard points on each wing, plus the extra hardpoints for mounting equipment on the body:


Here is another image:

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To my knowledge these Hardpoints can only be used for fuel tanks and since you don’t need more than one fuel tank, at least for now, there is no point in adding this feature. And the triple rack for AIM-120 is just a concept art, not actually real.

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The Double and Triple racks are real. At a minimum the double racks should have been launched this update. You can see them in the hardpoint diagram. I would love to have the extra fuel tanks for space climbing then getting to speed.

Twin racks like LAU-115 are certainly real, but I don’t think triple racks are, unless you can show me documentation or a picture of it to prove me wrong.

There’s no AIM-120’s ingame yet.

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3 Fuel tanks are too much for the game right now. The wing tanks are even bigger than the centerline tank, it would only slow you down. So no reason to implement them.


You just proved that F-16C Block 50 has all the correct hardpoints.
Concept renders of F-16C Block 60/70 aren’t evidence either.


It would help with takeoff if they implemented the triple rack or even the double rack properly. I could just ditch them whenever I wanted. Give the pilot the choice. That is the thing, we should have the choice how we want to setup.

Okay sure, triple racks exist, like LAU-88 for AGM-65 or TER rack for bombs, but not for AIM-120

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More fuel will definitely not help with taking off

These are used for two things, TGP which we have in game and the HTS pod for guiding HARMS which we don’t have in game, so no reason to add either.

Again, stop trying to dictate the loadouts we want. If a pilot wants to run it, let them. Especially if you run triple Mavericks etc. The fuel can help.

And I will further add, incase any disputes it. Here is an F16 with bombs loaded on the pylon instead of a fuel tank. So where is our 4th under wing pylon?

Their is also an ECM pod that can be mounted but we don’t have those either.

The ECM pod should be mounted on the centerline hardpoint

Why does any of this matter?

Good question

Correct, which means my wingtip fuel pods would be important.

Yeah, but we dont have ECM

Because we should have the proper aircraft, and be able to loadout properly. I should be able to mount 8 - 10 missiles if I want. Even if only the dual pylons were modeled correctly that would still allow for 2 Fox 3 or Fox 2, and 6 Fox 1. A proper loadout. So it matters.

It means that when the Aim-120s arrive I could carry 2 Aim-120s and 6 Aim-9M. Which is a proper loadout for the aircraft. It matters.

Yeah, you can already mount bombs there, just not a fuel tank since its simply not needed, trust me. My honest question, with the 3 external tanks you would have an hour of fuel, what would you do with that? I fly the F16 in game myself and the center tank is more than enough.

Same with the F16C

So idk what your problem is