F16C is missing hardpoints

But I cannot mount my missiles, and someone in another post commented about it limited to fuel tanks a while back which was wrong so I wanted to make sure with a real photo.

Let us use it for anything we want. If that’s more missiles so be it. Let us mount 6 per wing in the double rails. Or let us use the triple rails.

The point is, let us use it. Right now it is too limited and we aren’t even able to equip the proper loadout. Even on the F16A.

My problem is we are missing proper hardpoints, like I pointed out in the original post. I should be able to load 8 - 10 AAM.

Because this pylon can only carry bombs or a fuel tank. What I meant at the beginning is that the fuel tank is the only thing that’s missing on this pylon


The triple rack is still only a concept render so no you cant carry 10 AAM


And sorry to crush your dream, I don’t even think the F16 can carry the LAU-115 (dual rack for AAM) like the F18 can.

Here is the complete picture of the picture you sent, 6 AAM max

The triple rack has functioned just fine in testing, and works on other aircraft as well. The double rack is also just fine. You can see it clearly in the diagram I pointed out above.

Again, I have posted the hardpoint diagram.

8 in the diagram as you can see it has 7 & 7A and 3 & 3A. You can clearly see the double missile rack in the image.

Which triple rack? The one for AAM most certainly not because that’s only a render unless you can show me a REAL picture. Triple racks like LAU-88 and TER exists and are used in real life, but these are NOT used for AAM

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Which image? BRU55 is a double rack, sure, but for bombs

Also the inboard pylons have been successful tested with AIM-120 missiles, and you can find pilot reports of this.

Also here is one example of an old model F16 from PAF with twin AIM-120 launchers:

two < three

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I was waiting for that picture because I see no space to mount another missile on the wing except the wingtip pylon, so still only 6 AAM

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Im not gonna search for reports, you have to show me them, you are trying to prove something here

It is also an F16A model, and I have already shown a photo with a triple rack that has 8 Aim-120s and 2 Aim-9s. So you now have both.

Allow proper use of the inboard pylon and we can load 8 x AIM-120s on the F16A.

But yes, mixed loadouts are more common IRL than just all Aim-9s like we get in the furball:

Left one is a TER with GBU-12 and the right one is a BRU55 with GBU-54.

You yet have to show me the triple rack


Then scroll up to the first post…

At least other games get it right:

BROTHER IN CHRIST. How many times do I have to tell you that this is a Concept render

How many times do I have to tell you, it exists and has been successfully tested. That image is directly from Lockheed.

If you can’t grasp that, go troll somewhere else.

I did some research, that render was for the Blk 70

Here, even found a link for you: Lockheed Martin F-16V Block 70/72: 5th Generation Technology in 4th Generation – Global Defense Corp

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Not even trolling, I’m asking for you to hand me solid prove, other than a concept render.

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Oh good god, this is from DCS, this is funny now because I play DCS since 2017 and I can tell you that this is not in the base game, but was added by someone as a mod because he was bored.

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Depends on where and how you play, its in there. Their are threads that explain how to get to it in the base game. The simple and important thing to understand is that they do fit.

I did, I showed you both the hard point diagram which says Aim-120s on Pylons 7 - 9 (that would be 4 stores). I also showed you a F16A using the LARGE fuel pods and dual launcher to not lose weapon mounts (still has 6).

In simple terms, at a minimum we should be able to load out 8 missiles. You asked for at least the double rack on a live photo, I provided it. Take the fuel pods off (since you think we don’t deserve them) and let us load 8. Even if it means running Aim-120s or Aim-7s on the outboard pylon and running a small Aim-9M to help with space concerns on 2/8. Normally you would run your BVR on the wingtips anyways to get rid of the weight early on in the engagment.