F16 to germany?

Ah fair enough. well there goes my FRS1 hopes :P

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It’s a coin aircraft I think no coin aircraft is ever close to the sea harrier in br

Yeah, unfortunately, but anyway, yeah, some Argentinia stuff might be an option for Germany in the future.

Instead of telling everyone to ignore Germany supporters; how about you provide valuable constructive statements like I & Morvran have?
Constructive conversations are king.

tbh I would rather have swiss and austrian vehicles in the german tree and remove argentinian vehicles to a new south american tree.

Then rename the tree to chad (Ch-switzerland, a-austria, d-deutschland)

Yeah, ICE-LV would probably be ~12.3-12.7.
I’d hope they add AMRAAM on 4th gens first for a couple reasons-

  1. The options for 3rd gen aircraft with AMRAAMs etc are very inconsistent across trees
  2. With poor airframes but uniquely powerful weaponry those aircraft would be a pain to use and a pain to fight. Like an A-10/Su-25 but much more problematic since they’d be top tier with nothing to uptier into.

Why CH for Switzerland?

Yeah, a Proper South American Tree could be good. Though until then, like Canada for Britain, its just nice to keep them together.

Though with wise to top tier, I reckon Swiss F-18 is a strong possiblity


Ch are the first letters of the latin name for switzerland and is also used in the official “DACH”. I just changed the order of countries

At least 12.7, I doubt we’ll see any gen 3+ fighter AMRAAM carrier below 12.7.

It depends on AMRAAM performance, A few like FA2 and AV-8B+ might end up at 12.3

Hasn’t Gaijin said they intended for all Argentinian vehicles to go to Germany?
A South American tree would be cool but it’ll have to get in line lol. And I think an Argentine subtree for Germany and Chilean one for Israel are reasonable exclusions.

I have no idea, I dont think they have but I could be wrong. Its possible, though I think for a decent South American tree, it will need to pull stuff from most nations down there.

Yeah I’d personally say 12.7 though others have argued for 12.3.
Though something like the Harrier or Su-25 with Fox-3 would almost certainly be below 12.7.

Possibly. I won’t make any affirmative statements on those after all, I know better than to speak outside my knowledge pool.

Minor problem Germany can’t take a sub-tree. Not with how sub-trees are being done right now.

Thats a good point, it has 5 lines in both air and ground. I guess they could still be sprinkled

They can have a sub-tree, they can’t have an entire line dedicated to the sub-tree though.
That and they don’t need one in this context.
F-4F ICE will get them until Typhoon, sick of the irrational hate in posts on F-4F ICE.

It’d be 2/3 is this tree without Argentina and Chile

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It’s amazing how full that suggestion is.
It’s the single-highest unique vehicle count for a suggestion. Astonishing.