F16 to germany?

They hate each other and are close rivals in nearly everything ,the primary one being football.

I know this shouldn’t matter but we see it all the time when it comes to subtrees. Would Denmark work any better? Kind of nit picking but sadly we have this issue in WT as long as its all done by nation and history,

Well, boys, you know what is on the table.

Germany players will take their F4F-ICE and enjoy it for a year or more while you wait for EF Typhoon


Do you know dutch military has been integrated into the bundeswehr? Also football rivalry doesn’t matter.


where the hell did u get that bullshit lol, i am german myself and a dutch is one of the biggest german tree supporters.
And sport rivalry is a whole other matter

of course, but tell that the swedish who want to claim denmark


does this mean we can take away the Uk grippen lol?

what logic is that lol.

its the exact same situation as the one Uk was in, no aircraft for a prolonged period of time, the grippen was added to relieve that problem

Edit: let me specifify “competitive aircraft”

The difference is Grippen came from the ZA sub-tree.

Whith is Smins own words:

Far form being the same the uk just had the f3 the germans at least have the mig 29g


But you have aircraft that will still perform more than good enough? MIG-29G being the main one and depending on how the FOX-3s are implimented F4F-ICE could be more than enough to hold you over for the year or two wait for Ef typhoon.

And yeah UK had no competitive aircraft in top tier air RB for about 4 years, and generally its aircraft or missiles underperform as a result of interesting creative liberties on behalf of gaijin. germany to my knowledge never really suffered anywhere near as bad or for as long as the UK did.


there was no south afircan air line

Stationed in Germany with the Army. Netherlands were the closest rivals in many things. Long time ago though .The Germans had some fight in them back then lol

I know some airborne units had merged but not AF. Maybe it would be acceptable now then ,my mistake. Maybe this may be a way to get more units into the game now across the board.

yes and germany has no gen 4 amraam fighter, its the exact situation, Uk didnt have a gen 4 fighter and only got gen 3 interceptors

it doesn’t matter because south africa is a sub tree of UK


This is because theres already the full 5 airlines, and instead SA Air is being used to fill gaps in capabilities in the UK tree. hence the addition of the SAF Gripen C.


No, but there still is an official ZA sub-tree.

And what I just linked was Simn saying all Sub-tree tech will go into the tree they are in whether there is a dedicated line or not.

germany keeps having a competent gen 4 figter until the thypoon arrives and a gen 3 with amraams, not the same situation.

you are aware amraam carriers will be way higher in br?, the mig29 does not compete against amraam carriers

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seen how gaijin handles br they wont