F16 & Mirage 2k controls over pitch/correcting?


after a while of flying the MiG-29 in Sim., I started flying the F16 and Mirage 2000 in Sim. and have a question :s

  • Nearly instantly after I takeoff I get a RWR lock from a MiG-27 in nearly every match (sometimes even while im on the Runway) or mid. flight from a friendly JA37 - Is this because of TWS or what is this? I get launch warnings from Planes that I can’t even see and RWR Warnings from Friendlys that are 90° to me and flying beside me??

  • The most annoying issue I have when flying in manual control (with mouse and keyboard) is, the F16 and Mirage 2000 are way overcorrecting the Pitch when around/under 600km/h. The Mirage 2000 for example pulls even up (after a while sometimes down again) when I have the cursor in a neutral position so the plane should fly straight.

When im takingoff I nearly pull a Cobra, even when I pull the Cursor slightly ö_ö With the MiG-29, Phantoms, Tornado, Fiat. etc, I don’t have this?

FM buggy or is it just me? :/

Actually you need relax your pull when you slow down. It’s happen when you have high AoA. Idk how realistic is this effect but you can easy counter it with a mouse it’s much worse when you have game pad

Yes I have the same problem in the F16’s. I checked my joystick and it has a more of a dead zone than is needed. The plane while being fly by wire doesn’t reset trim, which has to be wrong. Also, the throttle on the F16 isn’t modeled right. You have to go past the afterburner detent to get to afterburner.

I really think that it is linked to a Mirage 2000 Flight Model bug it wasn’t the case before when the M2000 was introduced ti WT, Moreover I fly the M2000C in DCS as well and I have no issue with this one.

The bug is reported:


So I’d turn your control mode from Manual to Damping when it comes to the F-16.

It’s been that way since the Devs elected to nerf the FM a few months back…it still isn’t remotely right compared to pilot reports/DCS but the damping will reduce the issues at under 400knots.

Same issue I experienced with the Mirage 4000,SU27 and the F16s. Everything else I’ve flown seems to be “normal”.

use the damping mode and the problem is over

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^ this